Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Almost two years ago Officer "Shit for brains" Aaron Mansker ended the playing career of chargers fierce linebacker Steve Foley. Mansker who has been known to follow suspected drunk drivers as a vendetta towards them because a drunk driver took the life of his own father followed Foley to his Poway home where he confronted Foley and shot him several times...causing serious injuries that resulted in the abrupt end of his playing career.

Then flawed San Diego justice system found Mansker not guilty of negligence or attempted murder in the shooting of Foley and instead placed arrested Foley and gave him 5 years probation for drunk driving...nice system we got here. So now Foley is suing the City of Coronado and Officer Dip Shit for lost earnings, pain and suffering, and medical costs.

Officer Dingle Berry uses the "He was reaching for his waist band for a gun" excuse, of course there was no gun, during his testimony the other day on the civil trial.

Foley still has some issues walking due to his injuries, not to mention the restless nights he says he has because of the incident. His frustration of not being able to play football again also lingers in the back of his mind.

If I ever see this dip shit around town, I'd make sure to spit in his face or throw a drink on him. But I'll make sure to ask if he's off duty first. This Officer Pencil Dick (No.2) needs to pay for what he did. For his stupid Charles Bronson act of vendetta that cost the career of an amazing football player. If I were Foley I'd want to rip his freaking head off. I'd want him on the field with no gear on and blast him at full speed. He acted recklessly and selfishly. He disobeyed procedures outlined in the Police Officers hand book. He should be marked by every Charger fan in San Diego.

You see him around town, you taunt him, call him names, degrade him, call him the pig that he is. Call him the racist in front of a crowd. Say he hates black people. Make his life a living hell. If you're any sort of Charger fan this is your home work. Let's drive this limp dick out of southern California.

Foley better win the civil suit. If he doesn't than you know the San Diego justice system was looking out for their own kind. I'd be more proof of how stupid our justice system is. By the end of this Foley should own all of Coronado.

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