Monday, June 9, 2008


Donald Trump hates Richard Branson. He's made it public and has talked on Howard Stern's show about his disgust with Branson. At first I wondered why Trump would take a shot at Branson when usually Trump doesn't open fire unless fired upon first. But then I started reading about both, individually. Looking into their accomplishments and background. I found this...

Donald Trump is not a true entrepreneur nor is he a self made success story. He inherited everything from his father. Used his fathers millions and with the right real estate moves became a billionaire in the 80's. Now with the reality bug up his butt he now pimps his name as a brand, the Trump brand. Along with his black alter ego Sean "Diddy" Combs. Trump is well eduated in business and has a great educational backgound. Trumps arm only reaches around the United States.


Richard Branson is a true entrepreneur. A self made billionaire. Started off his Virgin company as a mail-order record retailer, 37 years ago. Now his Virgin companies have expanded and revenues exceed $20 billion. And get this he is a High School drop out. No other education. The Virgin brand continues to grow and Branson's arm reaches all over the world.


Now do you understand why Donald Trump hates Richard Branson? It's simple...he's jealous of Branson. Branson is the true self made story while Trump is the silver spooned brat who was handed millions on his lap. Branson is world wide, while Trump is confined to the United States. Branson is worth $4.4 billion and is #236 on the Forbes list of billionaires. While Trump is worth $3 billion and is #368 on the list. He's jealous...heck I'm jealous of both these fags.


  1. Why the heck did you have to use "black" to describe Sean Diddy Combs? Did you use "white" to describe either Trump or Branson? Subtle racism

  2. @Abacus because Sean Diddy is black

  3. And Trump and Branson are colorless?

  4. Most people handed large amounts of money squander it no time and soon end up bankrupt. It takes discipline, business acumen , intelligence, skill and good old hard work to grow it into a highly successful business empire.