Thursday, June 26, 2008


Actually here's the thing about this so called battle. Supreme Soul was actually called Soul Sector and they technically battled only a few from the Jabbawockeez. Phil, Kevin, Gary Kendall (RIP), and Joe Larot (a Jabbawockee not featured in ABDC). And there's another thing. Phil and the guys were reppin with other crews to battle as...SoCal Allstars. So you really can't say it's a battle with just the Jabbawockeez because it's not the whole crew. I mean if Kid Rainen was there (naturally a B-Boy) he would have ripped them to shreds. But he's got his own B-Boy crew to back, Killafornia and Footwork Fanatix. This battle took place here in S.D. at Body Rock in 2006. In my opinion I thought SoCal Allstars beat SS. SS lagged most of the time setting up moves and most of the moves weren't that impressive. SoCal had better dancing and better bboy combos. I also think it's lame that "Supreme Soul" would bring up the battle just to stand out from the rest of the crews during the audition process. You know they knew MTV would eat it up and use it to their benefit. If they never brought it up you know they might not have made it to the show. So now expect a special show in the works that pins Jabbawockeez and Supreme Soul on national television to battle it out and have the audience vote. Anyways here's the battle from Body Rock 2006. You decide who won. (Supreme Soul is on the left and Jabbawoockeez, Boogie Monstaz, etc are on the right)...

Soul Sector vs. SoCal Allstars pt.1

Soul Sector vs. SoCal Allstars pt.2

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