Saturday, June 28, 2008


Screw the mile high club, celebrities now have a very exclusive club. It's the celebrity sex tape club. And the only way a celebrity can join is to release one, but claim it was stolen from your home.

Vern Troyer has just become a member of the club. A sex tape of him and an ex-girlfriend was supposedly stolen from his home (yea like we haven't heard of that excuse before). Clips of the tape was leaked all over the internet, including whom posted clips from the tape. Vern is now suing TMZ for posting those clips. He's only mad because clips of the tape were leaked out and he's not getting paid for it.

How the hell does this midget asshole have a sex tape (most likely with a hot chick) and I don't. I'm feeling less manly here. Who in their right mind would want to get with Vern and why the hell is so angry at people all the time when apparently he gets tails like mad crazy? Vern is so anal uptight about everything. He's annoying as hell.

Oh the girl on the image above isn't the girl that he recorded the video with. He gets so much pu$$y.

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