Sunday, June 22, 2008


He's the real joke of that show, the dance routines are a joke. He acts like a famous choreographer, but he's not. I bet Shane Sparks would laugh if someone asked him what he thought of Tony Testa. If you tired to look up Tony Testa there's nothing to be found. Which must mean that he's not an establish choreographer. Seems like he's just some would be back up dancer that got lucky and landed a gig on a show. He's pretty much like a K-Fed.

Now he's gonna get a bunch of kids in America beat up on the playground for doing his stupid dance moves. I wanna see a kid bust Testa's "Fresh Squeeze" move during a battle. Or rock his "Air Guitar" move in a competition...guaranteed beat down.

I wouldn't put it past him if he choreographed this weeks routine for Extreme Dance Force on ABDC2.

I've seen some of his choreography on youtube and it's not impressive at all. He's more of a theatrical choreographer than a hip-hop choreographer. He is definitely no where close to Shane Sparks league. He's more of the choreographer for the rich suburbs kids rather than a urban choreographer for middle class to poor kids. Check out this clip and notice that the audience seems mostly white kids that live in the burbs...

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