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If your a sports gamer, epecially a football gamer than you know about Madden. And if you know about Madden than you know about the curse that over shadows the player that so agrees to be on the cover each year. It's seriously become a scary reality. Every and I mean EVERY single player to grace their image on the cover has had a significant injury or decline in their game after appearing on the cover. Seriously. Here's the list.

Madden 2000
Barry Sanders - RB, Detroit Lions
Though Sanders was not featured on the cover alone (John Madden was the main focus of the cover) but Sanders did appear in the back drop as an action shot. Sanders abruptly quit the NFL after 10 seasons and still at his prime.

Madden 2000
Dorsey Levens - RB, Green Bay Packers
After recording 1,034 rushing yards in 1999, his production dropped severly. He only rushed for 224 yards the year after he appeared on the cover.

Madden 2001
Eddie George - RB, Tennessee Titans
Before Cover: 1,375, 3.9 ypc Averages
After Cover: 892, 3.3 ypc Averages
He also fell prone to injuries after his cover appearance.

Madden 2002
Daunte Culpepper - QB, Minnesota Vikings
After appearing on the cover of the 2002 version, Culpepper struggled to a 4-7 start and eventually fell to a knee injury. He now plays for the sad sad sad Oakland Raider team. The team that Madden coached.

Madden 2003
Marshall Faulk - RB, St. Louis Rams
After hitting the 1,000 yard rushing mark in 7 out of 9 seasons, Faulk never hit the mark again. He fell to injury and later had to have reconstructive knee surgery. Though his last game was in the 05' season he remained as a Ram until his announced retirement in March 2007.

Madden 2004
Michael Vick - QB, Atlanta Falcons
Literally days after Madden 2004 was released, Vick injures his fibula and misses all but 5 games of the Atlanta Falcons season. The Falcons ended up with a 5-11 record. Let's not forget the illegal dog fighting, breeding, and butchering he was involved in. Vick is now in serving 23 months in a federal prison.

Madden 2005
Ray Lewis - LB, Baltimore Ravens
After earning the honor to appear on the 2005 edition, Lewis looked to be the player to break the curse. But, he broke his wrist in the second last game of the season. Not to mention his legal issues.

Madden 2006
Donovan Mcnabb - QB, Philadelphia Eagles
After making it to the Super Bowl in 04-05, Mcnabb suffered a sports hernia in the first game of the season, feuded all year with Terrell Owens, and then finally decided to have his injury surgically repaired, effectively ending his season after only 10 games. He's still plagued with injuries.

Madden 2007
Shaun Alexander - RB, Seattle Seahawks
Never missing a game in his career and becoming the leagues MVP with 28 rushing TDs before gracing the cover , the Madden Curse proved to be too much for even Shaun Alexander as he cracked a bone in his foot and was injured for several weeks. His production after that was minimal, after 9 seasons in the NFL he now is unemployed. Waiting for a team to pick him up. Thus far none want the cursed Alexander.

Madden 2008
Vince Young -QB, Tennesse Titans
After a nice show in his rookie season Young fell to numerous injuries that nagged him through the last half of the season.

Madden 2008 Spanish
Luis Castillo - DT, San Diego Chargers
Shortly after the release of the Spanish version of Madden with Castillo on the cover he fell to a nagging ankle injury that forced him to miss six games. Likewise, his stats from the season before, where he also only played in ten games, showed a statistical drop in virtually every defensive category.

Madden 2009
Brett Favre - QB, Green Bay Packers -RETIRED
Brett Favre will be the first retired player to be featured on the cover other than John Madden himself. Smart move by Favre to wait til he was retired to appear on the cover and smart move by EA Sports to try to break the curse by placing a retired player on the cover of it's next installment. But let's not speak to soon...let's just get through the season and hope that Favre doesn't get hurt as a retired player.

Let's just hope that Tom Brady goes on the cover in 2010 and something terrible happens to him. Like a sex tape is released of him and some dude! That would alienate him in the locker room. Yea. I dunno I just hate Brady, the way he looks and acts. Mr. Hollywood and deadbeat father.

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