Monday, June 2, 2008


Kobe's got a lot on his mind right now. He's set to focus his attention at reclaiming another title for Los Angeles. This would signify that he doesn't need Shaq to get another championship...but aside all that there is the lingering issue in the back of Kobe's mind. The allegations first brought up by

The website alleges that Kobe was having an affair with a female other than his wife who is also named Vanessa. Apparently the other girl is 18 year old Vanessa Curry. She was a Laker Girl, but resigned during the season, because she said she was pursuing another career. All her info has been taken down on the Lakers's official website.

Kobe's legal team has since tried to bully the website into taking down the allegations but the site has yet to take anything down.

Wow, didn't it make him feel any guilt calling the girl Vanessa knowing that's his wife's name also? Probably not, Kobe as great of a player as he is, is also the most selfish. He cares more about himself than anyone else. He's just a product of the lifestyle he was raised in. He's a man that has everything going for him, but is never satisfied and never realizes what he's got. And he never will until it's all gone.

His wife is still hot and what I mean by that is after two kids she still looks like the way she does, before she had kids, that's hot. For women that's a hard thing to do, especially after multiple kids. To think he's willing to throw that all away for an immature 18 year old girl that probably has yet to figure out what she wants out of life, stupid. Kobe you're one of the best players to ever play ball, but you're also one of the most selfish players to play. Be happy with what you've got and be appreciative of all that's given to you. You need to take notes from Lebron James. He's a lot younger than you in age but his maturity surpasses yours by a decade, he's got his priorities straight. Grow up Kobe and be a real family man. But first Go ahead and win another Championship for L.A. And when you do don't forget to thank Gasol.

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