Monday, June 9, 2008


I don't know about you but I hate this show so much. Much more than MTV's Cribs. Well actually now that I think of it, both those shows are on the same level. I hate both of them equally.

I just really don't need to see some spoiled brat parading around like they're Gods gift to the world, spending their parents money like they earned it.

All of them have this attitude like they've earned it. When in reality they haven't done shit in life to earn the "Diva" attitude. They haven't put out a record or starred in a movie. All they are are brats of famous and successful people. Mostly all the kids featured on the show you just want to bitch slap or give a good old fashioned a$$ whoopin to.

Over the weekend the had a whole marathon of the show. Even had a few real celebrity ones. Like Shawn Kingston and Bow Wow. Now see those guys you don't mind as much watching them spend their money. Because they worked hard for their money and didn't get it from their parents. It's their actually money. But still it's annoying watching a rich celebrity spend their money on TV. It's like they're rubbing it in the average hard working person's face. It's like "hahaha it took me only one nights performance to earn $100k, it'll take you years!"

Anyways back to this S16 crap show. The girls are such bratty bitches. They bitch and complain about every last thing. Heck all the kids talk down and degrade their parents in front of the camera. If my child had the balls to do that to me in front of a camera. That same camera would catch the worst beat down ever. In today's society kids don't have any respect for their elders. Our society has spoiled our kids with so many luxuries that they don't have any idea what hard work is anymore.

Look at the Hogans. The Hulk and his soon to be ex-wife Linda are terrible parents, who spoiled the shit out of both kids. Now look at their son Nicole, he pretty much killed (I would call a vegetative state pretty much dead) his so called best friend. And til this day won't take responsibility for it.

Final thoughts: F#$k a Sweet 16 show, lets make it a Sweet A$$ Whooppin show. These brats need to be taught a lesson.

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