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Alright so this is the week that the real competition starts. The theme was take a hit music video, emulate it but make it your own. There's no more freebies from here on out. This week would show some weaknesses that some groups have. Like some crews weren't used to the style of dance on the music video or certain individuals in many of the crews felt uncomfortable knowing that they had to learn a new move. But overall all the crews had good performances. Here's my review of the crews...

4 out of 5 stars

The overall performance was good. It was very entertaining. They have a little bit of the Jabba swagger about them in their performance. It seems as if they go to a lot of Phil's or Chris Styles work shop. Their routine dancing isn't up to par with Jabba but since they're good friends with Jabba, I'm sure Jabba won't have a problem with giving them some pointers. But their breaking is off the hook. And what you've seen of their breaking is only a drop of their full breaking potential. Just watch their youtube clips. It'll blow your mind away.

The thing I enjoy most about them is that (again like Jabbawockeez) they use the whole stage. Actually even more than Jabba did. They entertain you from the second they start to the end of their performance. I have to admit at the end I thought their timing was off, but what I thought was the end wasn't, there was a rewind thing and then it ended with the two guys posing. I really thought the end was the two guys flipping.

Now people might think well then they're like Status Quo, just filled with stunts. Not so. Because Super Cr3ws stunts are precise and controlled. Status Quo's was never precise nor controlled. Break dancing is about stamina, control, and execution. SC do it well.

4 out of 5 stars

So far this group has made me eat my words since the live auditions. And I'm man enough to admit that I was totally wrong about them. They are odd, eccentric at that. I love the 80's but I really don't want to still sport it, but more power to them. This group is amazingly entertaining to watch. Their routines are well choreographed and well executed by the group. And not to mention they're fun routines.

The one thing I like about them is that their routines tell a story. Like Super Cr3w they are thriving and doing well each week because their groups performance is about entertaining the crowd, and their routines are about tell you the crowd a story in less than a minute.

3 out of 5 stars

Their performance was definitely better than last weeks. The had some cool fast footwork in parts of the routine that made it look good, but I still feel like last week they didn't really use the full stage. They're a crew that spews out their over confidence and ego to the audience when they talk, but their performances don't really show it. Come to think of it their routine reminded me of a Janet Jackson routine, featuring Tony Testa. I mean the routine was good, but it just reminds me of a routine Janet would come up with.

There weren't any crazy stunts that would really wow you. Again these act like they're the best dance crew ever, but they have yet to show that.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Another solid performance by the Philly crew. The got the whole Chris Brown grove down. The emulated Brown and his dancing well. The only thing that still throws me off with this group is the big man. The tall one, Mark. He just seems out of place. Kinda like that big guy from Status Quo. But difference is big man Mark can dance. But his height is just out of place. It seems like he should be playing ball or football or some sport, not dancing. But other than that the guys did a good job.

ASIID -CIARA- "Like A Boy"
4 out of 5 stars

Very fun performance, so full of energy. They know how to really dance. It's not typical hip hop video dancing. It's just good fun dancing. And they don't have real stunts, but their choreography makes up for it. Just like J.C. said, they have that certain magic to them. A very solid team.

SoREAL CRU -USHER- "Love In This Club"
3.5 out of 5 stars

Overall good performance by this seasons Kabba Modern. Their moves aren't as smooth as Kabba's but their girls are definitely better looking. The begining was cool, how they all split up.

The thing that erks about this crew is Andrew (I'm sorry Flip brotha) but you just don't make for good television. You're a bit goofy looking. And putting you in the middle most of the time isn't such a good idea. Again I'm sorry bro, but I have to tell it how it is. The group is a good dance crew a top crew this season.

That ending was very weak. I thought there was really no place for it. And his combo was very amateurish for a BBoy. Flare to nickel (aka windmill) back to a flare is pretty much the basic combo that you first learn. I think that was Brian Fucanan. It was real slow and sloppy. One flare to half a windmill to a flare to a back tuck weak very weak. Breakers all around were disappointed with that combo.

3 out of 5 stars

Looser than last weeks performance for sure. But still this group just bothers me. I don't think they bring anything original to the table. I don't like their look. The tall Spanish (Armando) guy at first look on the streets doesn't look like he can step side to side let alone do a full routine. Their persona bothers me too. I just don't dig their boy band burbs attitude.

Their routine was okay. But most of the moves are from Mario's video anyways. The ending was gutsy, jumping down to ground level, which probably was about 12 feet high from his highest point. But other than that nothing impressive from this group.

BOOGIE BOTS -B2K feat. DIDDY- "Bump Bump Bump"
3.5 out of 5 stars

Smooth just straight out smooth performance. They brought it this week. Last week they lacked a little, but this week they brought it. Or as Lil Mama would say "They Turnt it up!" The transitions were smooth, the stunts were smooth, the choreography was smooth. Just a very solid performance for the crew.

The crew has a lot of potential. I just wish the two girls on their crew that couldn't make the show (due to one being in nursing school and the other a full time dancing gig...touring for some artist I bet). So the crew is left with just 5 members (the smallest crew this season). But they all pick up the slack and pull out some solid performances so far.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

These girls just don't belong in this competition. This is mainly a hip-hop dance competition. Their style of dancing just isn't for this show. I felt sorry for them because they got Britney Spears as their music video. The choreography in her video's are so simple that a toddler can perform them. Britney's so dumb and untalented that her choreographers had to dumb down their routines so that she could follow them. Which doesn't help the already doomed SassX7.

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