Thursday, June 26, 2008


Biters will be eaten!!! The Jabbawockeez motto. In this clip below we have yet ANOTHER crew from the Philippines biting the Jabbawockeez persona and gimmick. When will our Flip brothas from the Mecca stop biting our brothas here in the States? It's so lame. These guys on the clip don't even fully put on the face masks. Why? I've come to the conclusion that they can't see what they're doing with the masks on. Probably because the masks are too big. If you've ever put on the real Jabbawockeez mask you'll notice that once you put it on, it seems as if you're not wearing a mask because your view is perfect. The mask doesn't hinder any of your vision. The mask fits so snug that it's a perfect mold. Any ways these guys are terrible dancers as is with most of the crews in the P.I.

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