Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't think it's right to be calling these guys New Kids On the Block. It's more like Old Farts On the Block. I mean come on, I can't believe that Donnie agreed to do this. I mean he's the most successful one of the bunch. He's in a bunch of movies and has established himself as a serious actor. Now he's going to try to relive his youth? What these guys having a mid-life crisis? or what?

Jordan Knight has proven to be a weird creepy anal diva, who on the show Surreal Life would freak out because people touched his stuff and wouldn't share rooms with of the other cast members. And he was one of the most popular NKOTB member. Look at him now he's as creepy as Scott Baio. It's just funny how the ones the girls went crazy for back in the days become these creepy weirdos still refusing to grow up and move on. Lets name a few. Jordan Knight, Scott Baio, Cory Feldman, and Cory Haim.

Anyways back to NKOTB...

I haven't heard one of their new songs yet, but I really don't plan to. I couldn't stand them then, I can't stand them now. The only one I enjoy seeing is Donnie, but as an actor. I think he's a good dedicated actor, much like his brother Mark. If Mark goes back to Markie Mark and the Funky Bunch I'm going to shoot myself. Because I know then that the world is ending.

I can imagine the NKOTB concerts filled with a bunch of moms trying to relive their youth along with NKOTB. I doubt that there will be young girls there because they probably think it's creepy that a bunch of grown ass men are trying to be the boy band group they once were.
What are they thinking?

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