Sunday, June 22, 2008


These 6 kids act like they're Gods gift to dancers. They're okay dancers that got onto a lame attempt by Nickelodeon to get into the dance craze trend that is hitting America and now being on the show they ALL act like they're the best dancers in the nation.

They come off like really annoying little punks. That guy Hefa acts like a gay Samoan not to mention he looks like that guy Vili Fualaau, the one that had sex with his teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, had two of his kids and are now happily married. But gay version of Vili. Then there's the Filipina girl. She's totally OA. She's so fake it annoys the sh#t out of me. The rest aren't any different, they all think they're big time celebrities. I think they think they're bigger than let's say Miranda Cosgrove. Not even close. They're like D-list celebrity Kathy Griffin and Miranda's like A-list Angelina Jolie. That's how off they are, but they act like they're A-list celebs. It's so annoying.

Then there's their teacher and choreographer Tony "sucks" Testa. Who's lamer than they are. I'll get to him later.

But yea the dance moves and routines these nick 6 kids are doing would be a joke to Shane, Lil Momma, and J.C. on MTV's ABDC. They can thank Tony Testa for that. These kids are lame. The whole show is lame...

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