Sunday, June 15, 2008


Jessica Alba's boyfriend Cash Warren breaks up with her and then a few months later she gets pregnant? I mean I get being broken and still hitting each other up for a "fix" but she was careful when they were together and then now all of a sudden she isn't? Sounds like a trap to me.

I dunno know about you but I've seen plenty of women that have played the trap game (also known as the "baby trap") on men. Basically a girl gets pregnant on purpose to keep their man ,who most of the time wants out, in the relationship. Having the baby forces the man to stay connected via child support or in most cases (best case scenario for the female) forced marriage. And it's not like most of these women don't want kids. They do, it's just that instead of waiting for when they are really ready to have a one, they have one "prematurely" or ahead of schedule.

I say it because she's been so responsible throughout her whole career so far and then now to conceive a baby unmarried? Doesn't seem responsible. But you know it's a matter of opinion and that's what this is. My opinion. I think she trapped him by having a baby, that's my opinion. But it looks like he manned up to his responsibilities. He knows he could have said no to sex, but again it's Jessica Alba, who's gonna say no to that? So he's doing his part. It's like they say you do the deed, you man up to the consequences. Good for him. It's not such a bad thing to be married to Jessica Alba.

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