Sunday, August 31, 2008


On the MTV ABDC VMA special the Jabbawockeez again where sporting their new designs. They don't look as good as their old stuff, because that would probably be because FELT [one of SD's top Graphic Designers] didn't design them, I'm not 100% sure but it doesn't look like his style. I have to see the other stuff before I would even consider sportin it.



Rynan giving his props to the boys from the motherland. And at the end pops in Chris Styles giving props to the Philippine All Stars.


These guys are truly funny...


American Idol recently revealed that they added a fourth judge to the cast, singer Kara DioGuardi. It's a great change up but the thing I don't get now is, okay before you had to get yes out of 2 of the 3 judges to advance. Now with for judges that kinda makes it hard. I can see numerous 2-2 ties. So what becomes the tie breaker? It just doesn't make any sense.

I guess we'll just have to see when the show airs in January? Wait January? That's a hell of a long time. I thought it was going to start sometime in October at least. Wow didn't realize it was that far away.


Like I said before they have been bringing back old school shows and one of them is Family Matters. So of course since it was one of my favorite shows to watch growing up, naturally I've been watching it.

And you know what I realized? What the heck Steve Urkel was thinking. Laura wasn't exactly "Eye Candy" In fact she was straight up fugly! Steve's girlfriend Myra was pretty hot.

Laura looked straight ghetto, especially when she went with the short boy hair. Which by the way never looks good on any girl. She was so far from being attractive, now it makes me wonder if Urkel was gay or something, cause Laura looked like a man, baby.

Maxine [Laura's best friend] was prettier. I don't understand why they couldn't have casted someone prettier. But I still love the show. It reminds me of the good 'ole days. You know the days of childhood when you didn't have the stress, responsibilities, and worries of adult life. Adult life sucks ass.


Aaron Sorkin, creator of the TV series The West Wing, is making a film about the controversial origins of Facebook.

The networking site's creator Mark Zuckerberg has been accused by many that he stole the idea from other students and published it in 2004. Sounds like how Napster creator supposedly stole the idea from another student.

But can you imagine this, a movie about a website! How fu#king boring is that. It's like making a movie about the creation of Ebay. Guy is a programmer, has a wife who wants to sell pez collection, he creates a website...boom! He's a billionaire!

I'd rather see a movie of the creator of Craig's List. I want to know who Craig is. I mean the stories from that would be more interesting, cause their full of scams, robberies and prostitution. I've had friends get robbed by people they were meeting to sell stuff they placed on Craig's List. And prostitutes sell their services on Craig's List...that would make for a much more interesting movie...

Who gives a shit about Facebook, it's a rip off of My Space...


As I am about to create some Obama/McCain/Bush in other words political shirts I am reminded of how I can bash political people on any media I want and make money off it, but if I dare bash a celebrity and try to make money off it. I'll get my ass handed to me. It's just astonishing how protected celebrities really are. We all know they literally get away with murder.

Celebrities are advertising whores. They sell their look to anything that pays them the highest amount. They call them endorsers. Plenty of celebrities live off them. And sports celebs thrive off them. Look at our man Tiger, his endorsment deals bring him over $100 million a year. Just to put his name on their product. And to have him appear on their advertising campaign. We should be able to make money off their likeness because they make money off of the consumer buying the products that they endorse. They make millions off of us, why can't we make a couple thousand off them?


Out of straight out disrespect, the new producers of the "New" 90210 series is throwing the creators daughter out to the curb, just like her mother did. Without Tori's dad [Aaron Spelling] everyone seems to just step all over her.

Tori was forced to drop out of the show because the show would not give her a salary equal to both 90210 alums Shannon Doherty or Jenny Garth. It's reported that Tori was being offered only $10,000 - 20,000 an episode while her two 90210 alums were getting around $35,000 - 50,000 an episode. That's pretty disrespectful to treat the daughter of the guy that created the show. Aaron was pretty much the "God Father" of tv sitcoms. Tori has every right to be upset that they would disrespect her like that. But that's "Hollywood." I don't think that this show will have any success at all. You can't top the original, even if you bring couple of them back to help the show.

I don't think Lori Laughlin will be able to generate enough buzz to keep people tuned in. She does look hotter than ever though, for an old broad.

And I don't even think the "token" black character will be able to pull in viewers. But we'll see. The original got bad reviews too in the beginning. If they can get Jason Priestly and Luke Perry to come back than thier chances will sky rocket.


Hurricane Gustav is coming and again a lot of citizens in New Orleans are not evacuating after the evacuation orders where given out. And mostly are black I assume. And again afterwards people will blame everyone else but themselves for what happened to them, knowing that they were told to evacuate.

The question is, have the "Brangelina" and family evacuated? Are the new citizens of New Orleans hitching out of town to their safe LA home or one of their other many homes away from hurricane Gustacv, while everyone else has no where to go, all they want to do is get away from the storm. What is their status? Oh and Kanye, Bush doesn't hate blacks. God hates New Orleans blacks and whites and anyone else living in New Orleans.


Yes stick figure Jenna Jameson is pregnant. After a New York paper reporter her as being pregnant, Jenna took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. So the fake story ended up being true. Jenna will be expecting her first child w/fighter Tito Ortiz. Last time I saw Jenna on tv she looked like a twig. She looked like starving Marvin...

Hopefully their kid boy or girl doesn't follow in his/her parents careers. A porn star by day and dumb UFC fighte by night...let's hope kid grows up to lead a normal life.

Can you imagine Jenna as parent? I can't. And immature dumb dumb Tito Ortiz is your dad? Great combo there.


Well I've got my High School reunion coming up this month I think? And it took me about a second to ponder wether I should go or not. Answer: No. I mean why do people go to reunions? Why would I go? I live in the same city, I pass by the high school everyday on the way to work. Why would I want to relive a life that I've been trying so hard for 10 years to forget. A high school life filled with regret. Besides all the people that I want to see, I see. There's no one at the reunion that I would care to see, maybe only one person. And that's just to see how they're doing. Other than that, there's no point in going. There's no one's life I'm interested in knowing about. I don't give a fu#k about how Wendell Sy and Heather are doing. Or how well off Jeff Cabanban is. Who gives a fu#k. Fuck'em. All I care about is how I'm doing...and I'm not doing well. I mean my true friends I see and talk to occasionally.

Maybe if I were a famous celebrity I'd go. And that would be just to fill my ego. Just to brag about how much money I have and all the cool celebrities I hang out with. But I don't have any of that. I have a blog. Do I brag about that? I'm not making money off it, yet. I drive a minivan, wow! It would just be stupid for me to go. I graduated with a 2.1 GPA. And that's because I wasted my high school life trying to fit in and be cool, be in with the in crowd. Instead of focusing on my future. Now I hate most of those fools I hung out with because all we did was waste the days away just drinking and partying. In fact the friends I consider my true friends are people that I hardly hung out with in high school. High school sucked. Fu#k the reunion! I'm gonna make that into a shirt.

High school reunions are entirely overrated and big waste of time.


Yup you heard it, Mark Wahlberg is playing Max Payne. The overrated video game has now hit the big screen. I won't buy into it. I was foolish enough to buy into the video game, which was a big disappointment, but I won't fall victim to the movie. Looks, just "okay." See for yourself.


Saw the trailer for Watchmen last night during The Dark Knight. I've never read the comic book/graphic novel. Always wanted to and now after seeing the trailer, I'm really interested in reading it. The only thing is that I've got to get my hands on a copy. Guess I'll have to try my comic book connection [big bro] to see if he can get me a copy of it. Probably not...he doesn't have any pull in the industry anymore. But here's the trailer, enjoy.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


As McCain gets ready for his GOP convention this coming week hurricane Gustav is revving up to tear up the Gulf Coast. Hmmm. When Bush was up for re-election hurricane Katrina was touching down.

I wonder if mother nature is saying something here? Maybe she was saying something before too? Like don't re-elect Bush. It's known that McCain is a heavy supporter of the Bush administration and it's obvious that if elected it would be as if Bush never left the office. I've seen the bumper stickers around town. It reads McCain: Bush's Third Term.

Will McCain continue on with the convention as the hurricane ravishes the gulf coast? We'll just have to wait and see. If he does, it'll set a bad impression of his priorities.


Speaking of finally going to the movies in God knows how long [I blame it on the kids]. But really for two we spent $46 to watch The Dark Knight. The tickets alone cost us $23 and the food, which consisted of a medium Icee, regular iced coffee, two boxes of chocolate covered gummy bears, and a small personal pan pizza cost another $23. WTF! I remember when movies cost $3.25. And an Icee cost $1.25. Not $5 or so. At these rates I'd rather put out a loan to build me a movie theatre room, like those owned by celebrities and just wait til the DVD comes out to play them in my theatre room.

Watching a movie in the theatre nowadays is ridiculous. It's insane. At this rate by the time my kids are teens they'll be paying $25 a ticket and probably spend $50 alone on food,snacks and drinks. That's crazy...


As I was watching all the Jabbawockeez performances on MTV's ABDC season 1. I noticed something after the performance on week 3. One of the guys throws up the Super Cr3w sign, which is then obvious that it's Chris Styles.

Because Full Force/Super Crew is his first crew and Jabba is his secondary crew. No one really pays attention to that. They all think Jabba is his primary crew. And then they get all excited that he throws up Super Cr3w. But I thought that was a funny thing, that he was all ready preppin the audience for Super Cr3w without them really realizing it.

Check out the clip at 2:08.


This Saturday MTV held an ABDC special which brought back 5 crews to battle it out to present an award in the VMA awards on Sept. 7. The crews that came back to battle it out were Fanny Pak, Break Sk8, SoReal, Status Quo, and Kabba Modern.

The best two performances where Kabba Modern and Fanny Pak [like those two crews ever give bad performances]. The real point of the show was to show that So"FAKE"Real crew is light years behind Kabba Modern. SoReal's routines all look the same. They recycle move after move. With Kabba it's always something new and fresh. I'm so sick this SoReal crew...I can hardly stand to look @ the guys and their ugly mugs. Kabba kilt it. Cindy from Kabba bustin a nickle was "Hot."

Fanny Pak tore it up too. Tiffani Grant looked soooooo hot in that outfit. I know the performance and choreography was great but I wasn't paying attention to any of that at the time. I was to busy focusing on Taffani.

Break Sk8 and Status Quo showed why they didn't win. Especially more so with Status Quo...those guys just straight out suck. They can't do any choreography at all. Super Cr3w look like the Jabbawockeez compared to them. Status Quo definitely don't live up to their name.

Jabba and Super Cr3w opened up the special with a special combined routine. It's just so funny how the two crews are and have been good friends for years and now they're performing together. You don't think MTV planned it that way? Can you imagine Jabba doing a routine with SoReal or Fanny Pak? Wouldn't work as well as it would with the bboy crew. But anyhow it was nice at the end of the routine Jabba and Super switch signs. Jabba throws up the Super Cr3w sign and Super Cr3w do the Jabba sky point.

So now there are three top teams Kabba, SoReal, and Fanny Pack. I think votes get to determine the top two and those two battle it out live on MTV's VMA awards and the winner of that battle gets to present an award. Jabba and Super Cr3w definitely should definitely already have a spot to perform.

I can't wait to see the performances at the VMA's not to mention to see The Dark Knight win awards, especially Heth Ledger.


So I FINALLY got to watch The Dark Knight. And the conclusion I came up with is that it surpassed all the expectations I had. I was just blown away by the movie. But it made me so upset to see Heth Ledger's portrayal of the Joker, knowing that he's dead and that the can't reprise the role. Because Heth's performance made the really was the best work in his short career. And knowing that he won't be able to continue the role is so saddening and disappointing. Johnny Dep is good but he wouldn't be able to give the darkness that Ledger gave to the role.

God is truly not fair.

I just loved the Joker, who was just a brilliant genius psychopath, who wasn't driven by money, but more so with the thrill of the game. The Joker in The Dark Knight movie was the perfect interpretation of the comic book Joker. Maybe even darker.

One of the best things about the movie was that it gave you a sense that the movie was about to end and then bang it just picks up again. It did that about 3 times. And when it finally got to the ending you where waiting for it to pick up again...I didn't want it to stop.

Batman was Batman, Christian Bale is still the perfect Batman/Bruce Wayne. Though he looked slimmer this time around his acting was okay as Batman, but great as Bruce Wayne. I mean his fighting was great as Batman, but his Batman voice has really got to go. He's trying to hard to give that deep raspy voice. Take it down a notch and he'll be good.

I only wish I had watched it in Imax. I didn't buy the first one but I will definitely buy this one when it comes out on DVD. I can't say it's the best movie of the summer because it's the only movie I've seen in the summer but to me it's the best movie of the year. Amazing!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This could be one of the greatest things on the internet. allows you to view TV episodes and Movies [in their system] for FREE!

The great thing about it [other than it being free] is the fact that the picture is hi-res.

The only draw back is when watching TV episodes there are 30 second commercial breaks. I haven't watched a movie yet so I don't know if they throw in some advertising.

Hulu's selection isn't that big yet but it's still got good amount to select from. So if the budget is low for the weekend and need a movie to watch, surf onto and enjoy.


President George Bush endorses John McCain for President. Now that can mean a lot of things. But usually when Bush backs you, it means you're on his team. So that would then mean if McCain wins the presidency than that would mean nothing would change, it would be as if Bush were still president. It would be a different faces in the office [fresh cabinet members] but the same Bush like administration.

I'm not into the politics but it would then seem like one of the slogans attached with Obama "Change" would literally mean a total change in the office. If I were McCain I wouldn't be caught dead huggin up and being cozy with President Bush. It just makes his value and popularity go down.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is a clip from a very talented entertainment group called Touchblue. I believe they are a Filipino group that just like to entertain and they come up with pretty funny stuff. Stuff you'd see in the Hollywood comedy scene. It's funny stuff check out this clip entitled "Lent." Keep up the great entertaining work guys...

And thanks Marjorie for the link to these guys.


Haha I know this is bad humor. Don't blame me, I got it from iiVee's blog


Okay your first son Kingston has a dope name. We all know his name is a homage to reggae's homeland, Jamaica. But what the hell is Zuma? Is that related to reggae as well? Nesta was Bob Marley's middle name, but what is Zuma and Rock?

Didn't I already talk about stupid names celebrity parents give their kids? How can you go from Kingston to Zuma? People are gonna call him "Zuma Zoom Zoom!" I feel sorry for the kid already. That's so sad. I'd rather call him Nesta. You two better come out with an explanation because this is a ridiculously stupid name.


An insider tells US: "Kendra Wilkinson has been offered her own reality show about starting her life over again when she moves out of the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner knows her time is coming."

The two other girls deny the tension between the two and Kendra.

Kendra will finish tapping the fifth and possibly the final season of Girls Next Door before she will be asked to move out of the mansion. This just strengthens my belief that Kendra was hired to do the show by Hugh and since it's over he's kicking her fine a$$ to the curve.


Yes the failed 2006 Superman movie has prompted Warner Bros. to scratch the sequel that would have come out in '09 but instead a new story that will re-introduce Superman in an origins type movie MIGHT [depending if they can get a script going] release before 2012. So that means no more Brandon Roth. They will go with someone younger and maybe with a totally different look. Who knows...they are now going to follow the darker formula that has been a huge success for the Batman films.

Sadly it's not going to work. Batman is hero that people can relate to more, because he's human and he doesn't have super powers, he's just a rich man that deals with his inner demons by taking out the bad guys. A vigilante persona. People relate to that more than an alien who looks human and flys around as a big goodie goodie. Always giving the bad guys second chances.

I think they should just shelf this project AGAIN, focus on continuing Batman's success and when Batman is done re-introduce Superman. If Batman continues on the path it's on, staying true to the comic than I can see this Chris Nolan/Christian Bale series going to maybe 6 movies. Batman's got a lot of enemies to fight.


Admist the "Bigfoot" hoax that just recently network channels such as the History channel and Discovery channel have shown Bigfoot documentaries throughout the weekend. All in part thanks to the two dumbass hoaxers, who are looking to be facing a lawsuit. So far their socalled joke that went to far has cost them their privacy, one his job as a police officer and now a law suit pending. The two guys are truly getting screwed.


So lately I've noticed that a few networks have been bring back the old school shows. Like Family Matters, Wonder Years, and Diff'rent Strokes. I loved loved the Wonder Years, that was the best show next to Married With Children of course.

But anyways so I was watching a couple episodes of Diff'rent Strokes and I realized something. Gary Coleman was as weird as a kid as he is now. As a kid he tried to act like an adult and there was nothing cute or adorable about him. He seemed so uptight and boring. Webster was more lovable. Gary is just such a sad guy I guess, even as a kid. His parents really messed him up bad.


Denise Richards pathetic and annoying show Denise Richards: It's Complicated has been cancelled. Apparently viewer got sick of her really fast. Especially with that annoying laugh, her foul mouth and her whack personality.

She even accused ex-husband Charlie Sheen of molesting their kids for ratings. How pathetic is that? She's one sad has been. She can hardly get any call backs anymore. She's a total has been in Hollywood.


McCain is right in a way, Obama has become a celebrity and he's got most of Hollywood jumping on his band wagon. And that will be what will sway voters to vote for him. Because the more celebrities that he can get on his side than the more civilians he can get on his side. Because we all love to follow the celebrity trend. Oprah is the biggest. She's got all the house wives on her side. So with her supporting Obama he'll be a sure thing.

He's got Oprah (of course), Scarlett Johannsen, Caroline Kennedy, George Clooney, Ed Norton, Will Smith, Rob Reiner, Laurence Fishburne, Warren Buffet, Kristen Chenoweth, Matt Damon, NAS, Sharon Stone, Stephen Colbert, Halle Berry, Ben Affleck, Jessica Biel but yet he DENIED Brad Pitt because he thought having Pitt helping his campaign would be "Too Hollywood." I'm sure the list has grown at least 5 times bigger. But yet no Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

Like not having Will Smith or George Clooney isn't? I think it's cause Pitt and Angelina Jolie care to much about Africa and it's poverty than Obama would like. He knows Pitt and Jolie would be pushing the issue once he's elected and he doesn't want that.

The political game is so overrated. He's not going to change anything, nothings going to change. Our government will run as it always has. If McCain wins, it'll all still be the same. No President can change the government. The President isn't the boss of the government, the government is the boss of the President. Go ahead and waste your time in voting, your vote isn't going to make a difference at all.


Personally I'd pick Bourne girl Julia Stiles over Bond's Halle Berry. I've never thought that Halle Berry was as beautiful as everyone always claims. She's pretty and has an amazing body, but she never really pitched any tents for me.

I think Julia's best on screen appearance [well of the movies I've seen her in] is in the Bourne series. Especially the last one, they made her look Hot! Until they purposely uglied her up at the end of the movie when her character tried to disguise her looks. But other than that I thought she was pretty hot in the movie. She definitely looks better with darker hair than blond.

I know people are thinking I'm crazy or something to pick Julia over Halle but yep it is what it is and I'm sticking to it. Never found Halle to be all that she supposedly is. She just doesn't do it for me. And don't you go start thinking it's cause she's black. Ain't even an issue. In fact I'd pick singer Rihana or that girl from Fanny Pack, Tiffani Grant over Halle.


Okay so I've talked about how I feel Shepard Fairey has fallen and lost his street creds with his going mainstream and becoming a pop icon of sorts with his Obey campaign. This just solidifies my point and he even says so in a way...

"It's not cool with the sort of rebellious, punk, street-artist types to support something that is seen as a part of the system," said Shepard Fairey, the Los Angeles-based street artist responsible for the "Hope" posters and stickers.

Fairey is referring to the fact that he's jumped on the Obama band wagon. Obama will no doubt win the upcoming presidency. He's just to popular not to. He's become the Jabbawockeez of the presidential elections going against McCain who is Status Quo...In fact I wouldn't be surprised to see the Jabbawockeez performing at his Presidential Inauguration just like how the New York City Breakers did for Ronald Regan. Obey is literally obeying Obama. That's insane...

He's totally lost it...I don't count him as being part of the underground street culture anymore. To me he's put one foot out of the underground scene to gain popularity and fame while trying to keep the other foot in, to make it seem he's still part of it. Doesn't work that way.

A part of the "system" is what he's really becoming. And those who followed him before he became mainstream would understand that. Even I understand that and I didn't follow him til he blew up.

I mean his art is great but I think he's totally lost his street creds. I thought his "This [money] is your God" was a great campaign but I didn't think it should have come from him. Money has become his God more than anyone. And his fuels his art.

I don't know, think what you will. It's your volition. I still think he's sold out. Especially when in the beginning he's reported to have said he'd remain underground and never mainstream.


Did I not say that the Cubans have no sportsmanship when that Cuban runner said that had no sympathy for the Chinese defending champion in one of the track and field events. Well I guess they have no control either.

Angel "dumbass" Matos kicked the referee in face following a disqualification he received. Now' his dumbass along with his coach is now banned for life from the Olympics. His lack of control is uncharacteristic of an athelete that studies the martial arts. Control of your emotions and body is the main philosophy of all martial arts forms. Only savages like the ones that fight in UFC events hardly follow the golden rule. Their egos won't let them. So I don't know what this dumbass is doing in Taekwondo, maybe he should look into UFC fighting and mixed martial arts.

This was clearly a bad call by the ref, but an even worse move by the Cuban fighter. To loose control like that. I mean I understand he wanted to fight and was hurt, and his DQ would cost him his medal. But to attack the judge he just lost any chance of ever competing in any Taekwondo event, let alone the Olympics...just stupid.

But it's not a big surprise that the ref made a bad call, all the judges and refs have been making bad calls since the Olympics started. In fact there hasn't been one single Olympics where the judges haven't made a bad call.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Miley Cyrus is one of the few young girls in the Hollywood spotlight that has made a commitment to herself and her family that she will remain a virgin until she weds. Friends close to her say she gets a thrill off of staying pure. She wears a purity ring to remind herself to stay pure.

She tells TV Guide, "I like to think of myself as the girl that no one can get, that no one can keep in their hand."Even at my age, a lot of girls are starting to fall, and I think if (abstaining) is a commitment girls make, that's great."

Let's just see how long this lasts. She's only 15 but we'll see how it is when she's 18 or 21, when alcohol becomes her best friend. Especially since they're considering dropping the age of drinking to 18. We'll see just how long that commitment lasts.

Who's next to swear to the commitment? Amanda Cosgrove?


Someone from the stands handed RJ a Filipino flag, which he drapped over his shoulder like he was in the Olympics. It was cool how proud he was to carry it around, it was a total Olympic moment. It's a good change from always seeing either the Chinese or American flag in the Olympic games. The Flip jackets that they had on was dope. Where can I get one of those? I'm sure MTV's costume designers created most of the jackets worn that night. MTV needs to start selling'em.

I'm still looking around for the Ninja costumes Super Cr3w worn in week 1. Can anyone tell me where to get one? I want to wear it for Holloween.


Looks like Chris Styles and Rynan are sportin' the new designed Jabbawockeez t-shirts since their break with their merchandise distributor, Cros and his store Armory.

I've been told that the famous Jabba stacked design isn't being run anymore that what's left on the shelves or online is what's left of it. When the initial run runs out then expect the new designs to come out.

And will probably be exclusively sold only on You can't really see the design but I doubt it's a Felt [designer of all the Jabbawockeez shirts, through Armory. Also respected as one of the best graphic designers in San Dieg] design. Doesn't look like his style. But I dunno, you know this could be Armory shirts, but I doubt it. I'll try to confirm it and see what's the deal.


Is it just me or does everyone else feel that Do-Knock from Super Cr3w is a bit overly emotional? I mean the judges are there giving him props...he starts to get all choked up. They critique the group a bit he gets all choked up?

I just find it weird considering I've watched hours and hours of his battles and in everyone he's very confident and cocky. But when he's in front of a camera he's Niagara falls. Amazing stunt guy though for reals. He's not the typical flare/windmill/sky/flare kinda bboy, he's more of and body rock kinda bboy. You rarely see him do a flare or windmill, he's more into flips and twists. Which is coo.

Anyways he seems like a great guy; a bit to emotional; but still a good guy.


Photo by Chris Polk

Okay so in season one the Jabbawockeez got cheesy hats as a prize for winning the first season. In the second season Super Cr3w who are great bboys but nowhere near Jabba's league get a dope trophy? You know Chris Styles was like hey man where was our trophy?

I'm glad the bboys won. They aren't that good at routines but they're fun to watch. Their humble attitudes is what you want to see represent the bboy community. Just like how Jabba's humble attitude [Chris Style's in question though] represents the dance community in a positive way.

Now if SoReal had won...they'd be like all about themselves even though they say it's all about the fans. It's funny how they keep saying you ain't never seen dancing like theres before. As I was watching the old recording of the second to last show of last season Kabba Modern went on and I was like "Yep I've seen your kind of dancing before, Kabba's doing it right now." Their true attitudes showed up last week and it was just disgusting to see. My repsect for them dropped to zero. I wouldn't want to see them representing dancing at all.


Just want to give a shout out to the Vito-Cruz family, whom on vacation in Disney World thsi summer where kind enough to sport my first t-shirt design. Thanks girls for always checking out my site and sportin my shirts. I promise once I get some money to print out the better designs I'll hook ya'll up

Alright girls have fun reading all the stuff I post but don't go growin' up being haters...oh wait you're Filipino too, it's in our blood. Well then don't take hating seriously then. Leave that up to me.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Kem thanks for posting a link to my article about Chris Gatdula AKA Chris Styles. I know you and the rest of your facebook friends are big Jabbawockeez fans. So am I. I'm sorry that a lot of your friends didn't want to hear the negative news about Chris, but the truth is the truth. And that's what I put out along with gossip of course. Thanks again. Keep reading anything I find out bout the masked men I put up.


The LA Times in an article this week brings up the rumor that out beloved masked dancers have signed a deal with the most well known sports active wear company in the world, Nike. The rumor [per the L.A. Times] is that the deal is for 5 million dollars.

This is the kind of deal that they have been working so hard for. This is it. Good for the masked boys. My only advice is to remain humble fellas and remember where you came from.

Styles...chill dawg and enjoy the ride, don't let it get to yer head. Especially since yer other crew Super Cr3w just won the second season. Keep it real.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yes everyone knows it the friends of the Jabbawockeez [not to mention Chris Sytles other crew] have won the second season of America's Best Dance Crew. Beating out the "not" Soreal Cru. It's give it up to the b-boys from Vegas!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here are the lyrics to the kick ass song. I had to fix a bunch of the lines because the lyrics out on the web aren't 100% enjoy...

Paper planes lyrics
by M.i.a.Album: Kala

[First Verse 2x]
I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name
If you come around here, I make 'em all day
I get one done in a second if you wait

[Second Verse 2x]
Sometimes I think sitting on trains
Every stop I get to I'm clocking that game
Everyone's a winner we're making our fame
Bonafide hustler making my name

[Chorus 4x]
All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money

[Third Verse 2x]
Pirate skulls and bones
Sticks and stones and weed and bombs
Running when we hit 'em
Lethal poison through the system

[Fourth Verse 2x]
No one on the corner has swag like us
Hit me on my banner prepaid wireless
We pack and deliver like UPS trucks
Already getting hell just pumping that gas

[Chorus 4x]
All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money

Third world democracy
Yeah, I got more records than the K.G.B.
So, uh, no funny business

Some some some I some I murder
Some I some I let go

Some some some I some I murder
Some I some I let go

[Chorus 4x]
All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money


It's a hoax a website says and reports the same. I mean how dumb are rednecks? Seriously these two idiots thought they could fool scientists who were going to examine the so called Bigfoot into thinking it was real? They didn't thing once they cut into it there where going to notice that it was a costume? Their dumb asses held a press conference naming real scientists and naming Standford University as the institution some of the scientists would come from. It didn't cross their minds that reporters/journalists would check their sources? I mean seriously how dumb where these two dip shits?

Now they have the serious big foot hunters hunting for them because they just made them all look bad. Now if a real Bigfoot was to be discovered than no one would believe it. These two idiots are gonna get it. Probably never see them again once the angry Bigfoot community get at the them, they'll get a lynching.

I think the thing that raised a red flag was the fact that they claimed to have found the body in Georgia. Not exactly big foot country. Not enough heavy brush. Most Bigfoot sightings occur around the Pacific Northwest not Georgia.


This is the song that's played on the trailer of the new movie by Seth Rogan and James Franco, Pineapple Express. But it's not on the soundtrack. WHACK! This song kicks ass.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I know this is a bit of old news now but better late than never I guess...

Spain's men's basketball team really don't see what's wrong with this picture. A picture advertisers took of the team to promote their upcoming bid in the Beijing Olympics. The ad that ran in the Spanish market has brought a lot of controversy to the team. And the team doesn't know what the big deal is, most still see nothing wrong with the picture. I'm sure they don't think calling a black man the N-word is a big thing either.

And granted our country [USA] has become a bit super sensitive [PC] to every little thing, but still this is just blatant stupidity by the advertisers and the team. Los Angeles Lakers player Pau Gasol [who is on the Team Spain, representing his coutnry] gave a sort of apology after the picture built an uproar. But that's mainly because his agent probably told him to and he never apologized for the racial slight, he said he was sorry if anyone was offended by the racial slight.

Can you imagine if the games where in like Africa, they probably would have been holding spears or something. Or if it where in Germany they would have probably been doing the Hitler salute or something.

Aw just so much controversy these Olympic games bring...


China's first and only track and field competitor to ever win a Gold medal for China, Liu Xiang bows out with a lingering hamstring injury. As his coaches and fans gracefully and some tearfully wish him well he sits alone in the tunnel of the stadium disappointed in himself that he let down so many, mainly the people of his nation. Especially since the games are in his country this time around. He was suppose to defend his Gold against Cuba's Dayron Robles. But now Robles has no competition to challenge his run.

Robles is a Cuban runner that has shown no respect for his competitors. Clearly stating to reporters that he could careless for Xiang's injury. That he only came to compete and take the Gold. If you ask me if the best man in the event your running isn't there than it really isn't a worthy test of how good you really are. To show lack of respect for a fellow track and field athlete just goes to show why Cuba isn't well liked. In a games where we've seen other athlete's congratulating other athletes from other nations after their routine, in show of sportsmanship we get to see the selfish flashes of the countries that don't deserve respect. Like the Robles or the French swim team that talked all that trash about the American team only to be beaten.

And it's not just the players but also our own American fans that lack respect. Lots of comments from the Xiang article voiced a lot of racial remarks about China. It just shows another example of how far behind our nation really is to racial acceptance. And it will never change... I'll say it, a majority of white people will always look down on other races. That's a fact. It will NEVER change. Hell if Obama gets elected you'll see just how far behind we really are. If elected don't be surprised to hear about constant death treats or actual attempts on his life.

I wasn't to pleased by the judging in the women's gymnastics that seemed to favor the Chinese nor am really sure that China's women's gymnastic team are all of age, but I do appreciate their sportsmanship and courtesy to their competitors.


Everyone by now has heard hundreds of stories from co-stars, friends, family and strangers of how kind hearted of a person Heth Ledger was. How that he would help out anyone in need or how he treated everyone equally, never looking down on others less fortunate. That was the type of person he was, many recalled of the late actor.

I'm sure everyone has also heard about how Ledger never got a chance to update his will to include his daughter Matilda. And how Michelle [Ledger's Ex] is fighting with his family for Matilda's share. In a surprising act rarely shown by actors, three of his co-stars [Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law] from the last movie Ledger was working on "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" have each decided to give Ledger's daughter Matilda their entire combined earnings from the film. Now being a big Johnny Depp fan, it's common knowledge that he is as kind hearted of a person Ledger was. So it comes at no surprise for him to do such a kind thing, but Colin Farrell and Jude Law, that's very kind of them both. I take back anything I've said about them in the past. For the remainder of the year any ways.

The three were reportedly concerned about the future of Ledger's daughter. So that's when they decided to donate their pay from the film to Matlida.

Okay I know I know Matilda isn't going to be poor by any means because her mom is a working actress. But it's just a kind act to repay to an actor that was so kind and caring to everyone he came across. It's a good example of "pay if forward" and it's just a nice story to hear come out of Hollywood, you know. In a city filled with self absorbed greedy sharks, it's nice to see the genuine kind hearted ones have their moment.

Ledger is no doubt smiling that some of his fellow actors are looking out for his daughter when his own family doesn't seem to want to do the same.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


The date 08.08.08 the day that the Olympics opened in China and 41 year old Le Xing was out celebrating the opening in Hong Kong when he strolled through LanTian park. There he spotted a very beautiful steal bench that had holes patterned out of it. That's when the light bulb flickered on in his perverted head. The thought/idea? To have sex with steal bench. How? By sticking his penis through one of the holes. Problem? His penis got stuck in the hole after he got aroused.

Fire fighters and emergency personel came and tried to get his erection down but it didn't work so they decided to take part of the bench attached to Mr. Xing to the hospital and four hours later they were able to extract Mr. Xing and his love bench.

Morale of this story? Not all Asian's have little weewee's.

Here's a New clip of the incident enjoy...


By Daily Mail ReporterLast updated at 5:59 PM on 12th August 2008

A toddler whose remains were found inside a suitcase was starved to death by religious cult members - including his mother - because he refused to say 'amen' after meals, police said today.

Ria Ramkissoon and three other members of the group have been charged with the first-degree murder of her son Javon Thompson, whose body was found in April.

U.S. police and the family of Ramkissoon say that the group, based in Baltimore and called 1 Mind Ministries, is a cult.

Javon's food was stopped in December 2006 - when he was about 15 months old - partly because he refused to say 'amen' after dinner, investigators were told by two children who had been taken away from the cult by Philadelphia police.

Members viewed Javon as 'a demon', the children said.

No medical care was sought for the toddler when he stopped breathing, and he died in his mother's arms, according to court records of police interviews with the two children and another informant.

The anonymous informant told police that cult member Queen Antoinette then left the boy's body in a room for more than a week, claiming 'God was going to raise Javon from the dead,' court documents show.

Afterwards, Antoinette burned the clothing and mattress and placed his body in a green suitcase, which she would periodically open and spray with disinfectant to mask the stench, police say.

The group members allegedly left Baltimore early last year for Philadelphia, stowing the green suitcase and other luggage in a shed belonging to a man they had befriended.

Officers found the suitcase, containing the remains of a small child, in April after a tip-off. They are now waiting for DNA tests to confirm the boy's identity.
Ramkissoon, 21, was awaiting a bail review today while being held in custody in a psychiatric ward.

The three other people charged over Javon's death - Antoinette, 40, also known as Toni Ellsberry or Toni Sloan; Marcus Cobbs, 21; and Trevia Williams, who turns 21 on Tuesday - are already in custody.

They were arrested in May in New York on warrants charging them with failure to appear in court after a scuffle with police in a child custody dispute.

A fifth alleged cult member, Steven Bynum, has also been charged with first-degree murder but remains at large, police say. He is believed to be in New York.

Ramkissoon's family said she should not be held responsible for her son's death.

'She had no control over that situation at all,' said her stepfather Craig Newton.

Her mother Seeta Khadan-Newton says Ramkissoon was not behind the decision to stop feeding the boy.

'My daughter was a victim, just like my grandson,' Ms Khadan-Newton said.

'Somebody made that decision to not feed that child, and my daughter had to follow instructions.'

According to court documents, Ramkissoon joined 1 Mind Ministries after Javon was born.

Ms Khadan-Newton last saw her in April 2006; she later sued for custody of her grandson, writing in a letter to a judge that 'the cult leaders' were preventing her from contacting her daughter.

HAiDER adds: Religion kills, that's all I can say. Stupid people who don't really understand simple things in life tend to think they can interpretate the Bible, the most confusing and misleading book in history. Rid the world of religion and the world will be a better place.


Enough already. VH1's programing looks like that of a desperate channel, a cheap channel at that. To put this kind of crap on the air. Flavor of Love was band than New York's show was even worse and now she's got another show NY Goes to Hollywood? Sad real sad VH1.
I can't believe she's getting paid to be on TV. And now she's got this in her head that she can go an be an accomplished actress? Please. She wouldn't even be able to act in a porno. I don't know what idiot casted her in that stupid Ice Cube movie, First Sunday. I can't believe people like New York and Amarosa grain an ounce of celebrity status? Much like Bobby Trendy I'd like to see the both of them just fade away forever and I wish them the worst Hollywood has to offer. Let's just hope that they both end up drugged out junkies. That would be sweet.
We lose a great comedic actor Bernie Mac, while we have this lingering annoying worthless bitch NY healthy as can be? God is one fucked up mutha sucka.
Someone in Hollywood please get this girl New York hooked on some hardcore drugs and make her go away.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


SoReal Cru showed it's true colors last night at the championship round of ABDC2. Going up against Super Cr3w, SoReal Cru failed attempt after attempt to entertain. And this was a group that in the beginning of the competition and up til the Janet Jackson challenge was an amazing group to watch. But since then they've been sloppy and weak. And now from last night's show they're arrogant. And I'm not just talking about their dancing, I'm talking about their attitude.

After J.C.'s comment about the crew not out dancing the bottom two of last weeks Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w, SoReal Cru has come out this week with an arrogant cocky attitude. Especially Andrew and Ailyn. Andrew was the most cocky I thought. Really cocky for an ugly guy. I mean this guy makes me look like Johnny Depp or for all tha Flips, Piolo Pascual. Andrew is to much for someone that isn't that good and who messed up a lot during the whole competition. Seriously they should not have him do the talking because he's really not good for the camera. Let's face it dude you're UGLY!

It's sad too because I liked this team and they were my favorite to win, but after they displayed that Supreme Soul'ish cockiness and attitude they quickly dropped to the bottom. Especially with SoReal Cru taking a jab at Super Cr3w in their last performance of the night by pretending to drop Super Cr3w's flag/banner as they danced to Lil Wayne's song "A Milli." To bad a lot of their moves looks like the moves of the 3 time world champion Philippine All Stars. Wouldn't be surprised if they bit moves from them. Everyone has, even our beloved Jabbawockeez. Wait so would that mean Jabba would have to eat themselves because their motto is "Byters will be eaten."

Anyways back to the two faced crew that call themselves "So Real." Throughout the whole competition they played the modest card but at the championship round they really did show their true colors. And boy did Ailyn just get ugly [next to the boys on her crew] with her comments. What a big turn off. If people vote for this crew to win next week. It'll be a sad day for dancers all around. Because this crew will be representing them all and they'll do it while boasting all day long why they belong on top and how they were never on the bottom. This crew's last minute antics turned me against them. Right now they make me sick. They're pathetic and look so blow average right now. I can't believe I compared them to Kabba Modern. Kabba would blow circles around these clowns. By the way Kabba placed 3rd in the world competition that Philippine All Stars won.

SoReal is not so real as they portrayed themselves out to be in the beginning.


Two so called Big foot hunters claim to have found the body of a dead big foot in the woods of Georgia a few weeks ago. They held a press conference today to reveal pictures of what they found, but not reveal the physical body of big foot. But they said that they are going to have scientists and other specialists perform an autopsy on the body on Monday along with gathering DNA samples to determine the species.

These two dorks are so desperate to get attention to themselves and get that 15 minutes of fame that they would concoct this scheme, amidst the other weird animal finding [Montauk Monster]. It didn't surprise me that they received more heckling than serious questions. If this were a true finding these guys would have brought it to public knowledge the next day upon finding the body not months afterwards. This is lame but they're getting traffic to their site because of it. That's what they wanted.

Check out their website

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Bela Karolyi, former coach of the US women's gymnastic team is raising the red flag about China's 2008 Women's gymnastic team. Why? Because it's happened before where China cheated by having an under aged girl compete in the 2000 games in Athens. The age to qualify to compete in the games is 16 the girl from team China was only 14 years old at the 2000 games. After the games the girl Yang Yun admitted on a state run television program that she was underage. The rule to verify age of athletes competing is to check their passports and that's it. Birth certificates aren't used to determine true age. Just whatever it says on your passport.

That's a whole bunch of B.S. Seeing the Chinese team this year more all of them look way under the age of 16. Most look like 11 or 12 at the most. If this is the case as it was in 2000 than China has really made mockery of the Olympic games. Well the gymnastic portion anyhow. All other Chinese competitors for other sports look of age. But these girls for the gymnastic team do not look of age. I don't believe they are, they are cheating the system. The idiots are out and about commenting on why should it be an issue that they are underage. Well idiots because it's a rule set by the Olympic committee. They feel any girl younger than 16 [like the Chinese teams obviously under aged girls] is in a way abuse. Kinda like forcing kids to work in factories at the age of 6. The Chinese are cheating in gymnastics and it's so obvious.

How much more controversy can China go through. First it was the protest, then it was the cute little girl lip singing at the opening ceremonies because the actual girl that sang wasn't cute enough for TV, and now this underage issue. There should be an investigation into it...


3 more to go for Phelps goal of 8 gold medals. As of right now he has 5 gold medals and ALL of them are WR medals. The mens swim team continues to keep the US in with the gold medal count with China. The ultimate and perfect outcome would be that Phelps comes through with 8 or more gold medals and all of them are WR breaking wins. He would truly go down as the most decorated Olympic athelete of all time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay so all I kept hearing before the Olympics started was this guy Michael Phelps. Didn't see him 4 years ago, but did know about his DUI charge after the games 4 years ago [negative news sticks right?]. Well so when it came time to finally see this guy in action I had high expectations because of all this hype about him. Let me tell you he blew away those expectations I had of him. He's an amazing swimmer. On his 200m freestyle run he just blew away everyone with a huge lead and on his semi's for the 200m butterfly the announcer was talking about his uncanny ability to know exactly where he and the rest of the swimmers are and his ability to turn it up when he needs to, that sixth gear per say. As soon as the announcer said that Phelps [at this point a good head behind the leader Japan] hits the turn toward the final 50m and when he comes out of the turn he's ahead and with a bigger lead than Japan had on him coming into the turn. It was amazing to see. I don't doubt he has the ability to get 8 gold medals in one games.

Some have referred to him as "Superman" in the Olympics, but I'd say he's more of Aquaman than Superman. His abilities in the water make it seem as if he lives in water. I'd check behind his ears he might have some gills back there.


I don't know about you but I'm right in front of the TV when I get home from work. As the first week of the Olympics I've sat down and watched a few of the televised events. If I had direct TV or so I'd be watching hundreds and hundreds of hours of it. 24/7 non-stop. So far the events that I've caught on TV are the swimming, diving, basketball, & gymnastics. Haven't seen much of anything else. A little bit of the rowing stuff and some volleyball stuff. I want to see table tennis or badminton. I'm thinking they should have Football as in American Football. I mean they have baseball and hockey. That would be cool to see LaDanian Tomlinson or Shawn Merriman win a gold.

I've been to China once, Hong Kong to be exact. And I loved it. The experience and the culture was an amazing thing to take in for a little kid [I was 15 at the time]. But to go to China during the Olympics and to be in that atmosphere must be overwhelming especially if you're competting in the games. Ah yet another experience I will never get to taste in this life time.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Best known for his theme song to the movie "Shaft" and more recently his voice work for the popular cartoon South Park as the voice of "Chef" Isaac was 65 when he died. Cause of his death is still pending but family members believe it to be a medical condition. He was being treated for a number of medical issues.

Another legend has left the building.


I finally came across the word that best describes Heidi Montag, "Butter Face." And it came from a blogsite that I came across. Summer's Blog. Just an SD chick that made it with her business venture and apparently is now retired in Puerto Rico I think and is just hanging out blogging and surfing. Awesome! I wish I was at stage already. But she's far ahead of me. She's got her fashion businesses and a blog. I've got my blog and my clothing lines in progress [it's in progress because I don't have $$$ to proceed with production].

Anyhow as Summer put it Heidi Montag is a "butter face." Meaning she's good or okay everywhere else "BUT HER FACE" get it? Butter Face...But-Her-Face? hahaha. Well that is what the term "butter face" means, I just thought I would clarify that with everyone. Because there are a lot of people that don't really know what the term means. People think it's in reference to butterball. I don't even know what that means.

Yep, all that plastic surgery and upgrades can't get rid of her butter face.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yes we've all heard about the images of Miley posted online. Here are some of the pics I've seen posted around. Nothing nude but very provocative for a 15 year old girl don't you think? But hey she's a Hollywood girl right so she can do whatever she wants. And she's got a dad that doesn't really seem to care about her antics.

What is up with the perking of the lips? Does she think it makes her look hotter? Ain't working. I bet a lot of you fat nerdy dirty white guys are going crazy for these images. You're sexual fantasies are going nuts. You sick f&*ks! You know who you are, you're the ones on Dateline's To Catch a Predator series.


For months now I've been hearing things here and there about how Lauren Conrad [LC] has become such a snob during appearances. One event she showed up late and then after taking some pictures ducked out and left.

And on her show The Hills she seems to be losing friends left and right. First she lost Heidi and now on the preview for the season premiere it looks like she loses Audrina too. To me it seems like LC is a stereotypical reality show personality that has some how gotten it in their heads that they are A-List stars. And it's all our faults. No one should be giving her the time of day but we do and because of it she's walking around like she's got more clout than Angelina Jolie.

Someone really needs to destroy reality television...It's all Mark Burnett's fault. He's the cause of this up surge of reality flunkies. And the thing that gets me the most is none of it is reality at all. It's all scripted, manipulated, and planned out. If you really think your votes count on these reality show competitions than you are dumber than dog sh*t. Nothing on TV is ever 100% real and Live TV isn't really live! There's a 5-30min delay. So it's never really live at all. Death to reality TV! Except for ABDC, I like watching the crews dance.


Ah finally the true American past time sport [Football] is drawing near and that means all the bootleg jerseys are getting ordered up from China. And I'm right there with them. I mean let's look at the price difference $65 for an exact replica of the real thing issued to NFL players and $250-$300 for an "authentic" on field jersey [which still isn't close to the real on field issued jerseys]. It's no comparison, everyone would rather pay $65. But here's a thought. If you're one of those goodie goodies that don't want to buy blackmarket items and would rather pay full price in the stores think twice about that. Because a lot of those stores are now buying them over seas for the $65 or cheaper price and selling them here in their stores for $250. So you're actually buying the blackmarket stuff that you swore to never buy and you're paying 3-4 times the price...that's what they call "a sucker."

Along with the China making money off tourism due to the Olympics the blackmarket underground is also making it's profits off Olympic tourists and Americans off of the blackmarket jersey's. And I say good for them. At least with buying it from China I don't feel ripped off buying merchandise as I do here paying for over priced items. Why would I want to pay $250 for a jersey that cost around $15 each to make overseas? Enuff said...


New from the Armory Survival Gear store here in San Diego is the "A SD Thing" or did they mean "An SD Thing" It could go either way I guess.

Armory, for all of you that don't know is the company that brought us the Jabbawockeez and now the Super Cr3w shirts.

With the creative designs of Felt, this SD store front is smoothly sailing it's way to the bank. Especially with the popularity of the Jabbawockeez.


Okay I don't know how much more Hollywood scares and tragedies I can handle in the last couple of weeks. I mean there's the great Morgan Freeman and his accident that left him seriously injured, Shia Labeouf and his serious accident that left him with a broken arm, and now the Mac himself Bernie Mac has died of complications of pneumonia. Seriously what's next Katie Holmes gets a new do? Oh, wait never mind she did. Or a People Magazine winning the bid to photograph Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's twins for $14 million? Oh wait, again, it already happened. I wonder how much Papa Joe will get for daughter Ashley's baby pics? Nothing? yep.
With so much drama in the LBC it's kinda hard being Snoop D-O-double-G. No not really he's got millions selling his crap. It ain't har for him.
Anyways the rambling has to stop...rigth now.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


One of the King of Comedies has died at the age of 50 due to complications to pneumonia in a Chicago hospital Saturday morning. It truly is a sad day for comedy. Here is a fans tribute to the Mac Daddy...

Friday, August 8, 2008


This is definitely not a group that bytes the Jabbawockeez the Jabbawockeez actually took one of their moves. You remember the human motorcycle? The Philippine All Stars did it acouple of years back. That Transforming into a human robot that the Boogie Bots did in one of their performances this season...Philippine All Stars did it first acouple of years prior. The Philippine All Stars have all my respect. They r an example of what the other crews in the P.I. need to do, be creative on their own. Make their own impression on the dance world and not use another crew creativity to gain fame.

The 3 time World Hip Hop Dance Champions - Philippine All-Stars

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Numerous people have posted it and a source says that the top 2 crews are Super Cr3w and SoReal Cru. How do people already know? Well apparently they show is filmed in the beginning of the week, though I have yet to get a confirmation on the day the show is filmed, my guess is Monday. So guests of the show already know at the beginning of the week who's out and who's moved on to the next week.

I was up for SoReal Cru to win it all just a week ago but after reflecting upon it. I think the most logical choice for the judges and MTV would be to pick Super Cr3w. They're way more entertaining. They are close to the Jabbawockeez and we all now know the story how MTV didn't have the crews sign away their identities in the first season and so now Jabba keeps all the money for gigs not set up by MTV. Super's breaking is just more entertaining to watch. But we'll see what happens this week and who's left to go heads up next week.

I'm still baffled how Fanny Pak got booted out this week. On their week! 80's theme? That's just so ironic.


Okay so I'm really behind on last weeks review. Been really busy. So here's my thoughts on last weeks show.

3 out of 5

The intro was tight. That was a dope sequence. The timing was on point. But the middle of the routine lacked a bit. It wasn't up to their standard. Up until this point they've set a standard for themselves that was set pretty high. They met it every week, but starting last week they haven't been up to standard. They're slippin' a little bit. I think they might be a bit exhausted from the weeks quick choreographies. And someone tell me what was up with that lame ending? The ending sucked so bad. I was like is this SoReal Cru or someone else? It was worse than that one ending a few weeks ago where they ended it with a basic bboy combo, but he did it terribly. I'm surprised that they made it to the top 2 in this weeks show.

4.5 out of 5

Aside from the Ninja performance in the first week, this has to be their second best performance. The "We Fly High" one was dope but this beats that, I think. The funny thing is in the Ninja one they started off with a tower and in this one they start off with a tower. I like them putting more choreography in the routine. Like I've said before they aren't the Jabbawockeez, who are mostly bboys that can dance and break really well. Super Cr3w has mad bboy skills but their dancing is just good. The way they used the stage was tight. It's no question they belong in the top 2, going against SoReal. They should take it.

BOOGIE BOTS -Eliminated
2.5 out of 5

WTF was that? Their performance was whack. Missy pointed it out. They really had Lil Momma's comments the other week still in the back of their minds. You could see the tension and how much it bothered them. And man did it show. I mean it was slight mess up after slight mess up. The whole routine was sloppy and I couldn't see their performance one that Missy would put in her videos. It was their time a long time ago I'm just glad they're finally gone.

5 out of 5

This group is just an amazingly talented group. They deserve all the credit that they get. The totally got the concept of the challenge. And they rocked it. I think the dig on Super Cr3w actually hurt them more than they were jokingly mocking it out to be. I really don't agree with America sending them to the bottom 2 and eventually sending them home this week. That's just wrong. They clearly out performed SoReal last week. But you know that's how the game is played and you know MTV had a hand in their departure this week.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Just found these two kids. I don't know how old they are but they are good. If they keep dancing they'll be amazing when they grow up. Check out their youtube page. JMEB6


These guys are sad. At least Type 1 can dance, these guys are pitiful.


We have never seen the judges for ABDC so open for their dislike for a group than the Boogie Bots. Last week, when the bottom two teams were announced Lil Momma blurted out that she doesn't get excited when she sees the Boogie Bots perform and asked America if they were serious. And this week Shane jumped on the Lil Momma band wagon and criticized the crew harshly.

Last weeks comment by Lil Momma clearly affected the group this week. Their performance was out of touch, it looked like they had things in the back of their minds that they just couldn't let go.

It kinda makes you wonder if there was something else that went on behind the scenes that we didn't catch. Cause the Judges seemed to have just turned their backs on the Bots. Hmmm.


Most celebrity parents are barely parents to their children in the first place. They hire nanny after nanny to take care of their kids. And they pretty much let them do whatever they want. We all know that for a fact cause look at the outcome of kids that grew up spoiled. Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, all those bratty kids on MTV's Sweet Sixteen, Britney Spears, Brody on and so on. So now with the new generation all grown up look at what they're doing to their kids them stupid and ridiculous names...all in the justification that their child will have a unique name growing up. I'm willing to bet not an ounce of thought was raised at the consequences of giving the child a unique know consequences like being made fun of in school. The countless teasing they will endure during grade school or whenever the teacher calls out their unique name, especially on the first day of school. Did they think about that? I doubt it.

Did Jason Scott Lee think about that when he named his child Pilot Inspector or perverted comedian/magician Penn Jillette's daughter, Moxie CrimeFighter. What about Kate Hudson's son Ryder? Or Nicole Ritchie's daughter Harlow Winter Kate. Or Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor Marie? What about Nicole Kidman's daughter, Sunday Rose. Did any of them think of what they are doing to their kids? Since all of them have regular boring names and most likely always wanted a cool name growing up, their kids most likely will feel the very opposite. They'll wish they had regular names. I feel sorry for their kids, but not to sorry because they'll grow up to be rich little brats anyways.

Friday, August 1, 2008


The full performance clip of the Jabbawockeez in the movie Step Up 2 that was deleted.


The Jabbawockeez on Pepsi smash...the boys are making bank with the tons of gigs.