Sunday, August 10, 2008


For months now I've been hearing things here and there about how Lauren Conrad [LC] has become such a snob during appearances. One event she showed up late and then after taking some pictures ducked out and left.

And on her show The Hills she seems to be losing friends left and right. First she lost Heidi and now on the preview for the season premiere it looks like she loses Audrina too. To me it seems like LC is a stereotypical reality show personality that has some how gotten it in their heads that they are A-List stars. And it's all our faults. No one should be giving her the time of day but we do and because of it she's walking around like she's got more clout than Angelina Jolie.

Someone really needs to destroy reality television...It's all Mark Burnett's fault. He's the cause of this up surge of reality flunkies. And the thing that gets me the most is none of it is reality at all. It's all scripted, manipulated, and planned out. If you really think your votes count on these reality show competitions than you are dumber than dog sh*t. Nothing on TV is ever 100% real and Live TV isn't really live! There's a 5-30min delay. So it's never really live at all. Death to reality TV! Except for ABDC, I like watching the crews dance.

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