Sunday, August 31, 2008


Out of straight out disrespect, the new producers of the "New" 90210 series is throwing the creators daughter out to the curb, just like her mother did. Without Tori's dad [Aaron Spelling] everyone seems to just step all over her.

Tori was forced to drop out of the show because the show would not give her a salary equal to both 90210 alums Shannon Doherty or Jenny Garth. It's reported that Tori was being offered only $10,000 - 20,000 an episode while her two 90210 alums were getting around $35,000 - 50,000 an episode. That's pretty disrespectful to treat the daughter of the guy that created the show. Aaron was pretty much the "God Father" of tv sitcoms. Tori has every right to be upset that they would disrespect her like that. But that's "Hollywood." I don't think that this show will have any success at all. You can't top the original, even if you bring couple of them back to help the show.

I don't think Lori Laughlin will be able to generate enough buzz to keep people tuned in. She does look hotter than ever though, for an old broad.

And I don't even think the "token" black character will be able to pull in viewers. But we'll see. The original got bad reviews too in the beginning. If they can get Jason Priestly and Luke Perry to come back than thier chances will sky rocket.

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