Sunday, August 17, 2008


Enough already. VH1's programing looks like that of a desperate channel, a cheap channel at that. To put this kind of crap on the air. Flavor of Love was band than New York's show was even worse and now she's got another show NY Goes to Hollywood? Sad real sad VH1.
I can't believe she's getting paid to be on TV. And now she's got this in her head that she can go an be an accomplished actress? Please. She wouldn't even be able to act in a porno. I don't know what idiot casted her in that stupid Ice Cube movie, First Sunday. I can't believe people like New York and Amarosa grain an ounce of celebrity status? Much like Bobby Trendy I'd like to see the both of them just fade away forever and I wish them the worst Hollywood has to offer. Let's just hope that they both end up drugged out junkies. That would be sweet.
We lose a great comedic actor Bernie Mac, while we have this lingering annoying worthless bitch NY healthy as can be? God is one fucked up mutha sucka.
Someone in Hollywood please get this girl New York hooked on some hardcore drugs and make her go away.

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