Sunday, August 24, 2008


Okay so I've talked about how I feel Shepard Fairey has fallen and lost his street creds with his going mainstream and becoming a pop icon of sorts with his Obey campaign. This just solidifies my point and he even says so in a way...

"It's not cool with the sort of rebellious, punk, street-artist types to support something that is seen as a part of the system," said Shepard Fairey, the Los Angeles-based street artist responsible for the "Hope" posters and stickers.

Fairey is referring to the fact that he's jumped on the Obama band wagon. Obama will no doubt win the upcoming presidency. He's just to popular not to. He's become the Jabbawockeez of the presidential elections going against McCain who is Status Quo...In fact I wouldn't be surprised to see the Jabbawockeez performing at his Presidential Inauguration just like how the New York City Breakers did for Ronald Regan. Obey is literally obeying Obama. That's insane...

He's totally lost it...I don't count him as being part of the underground street culture anymore. To me he's put one foot out of the underground scene to gain popularity and fame while trying to keep the other foot in, to make it seem he's still part of it. Doesn't work that way.

A part of the "system" is what he's really becoming. And those who followed him before he became mainstream would understand that. Even I understand that and I didn't follow him til he blew up.

I mean his art is great but I think he's totally lost his street creds. I thought his "This [money] is your God" was a great campaign but I didn't think it should have come from him. Money has become his God more than anyone. And his fuels his art.

I don't know, think what you will. It's your volition. I still think he's sold out. Especially when in the beginning he's reported to have said he'd remain underground and never mainstream.

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