Sunday, August 24, 2008


Personally I'd pick Bourne girl Julia Stiles over Bond's Halle Berry. I've never thought that Halle Berry was as beautiful as everyone always claims. She's pretty and has an amazing body, but she never really pitched any tents for me.

I think Julia's best on screen appearance [well of the movies I've seen her in] is in the Bourne series. Especially the last one, they made her look Hot! Until they purposely uglied her up at the end of the movie when her character tried to disguise her looks. But other than that I thought she was pretty hot in the movie. She definitely looks better with darker hair than blond.

I know people are thinking I'm crazy or something to pick Julia over Halle but yep it is what it is and I'm sticking to it. Never found Halle to be all that she supposedly is. She just doesn't do it for me. And don't you go start thinking it's cause she's black. Ain't even an issue. In fact I'd pick singer Rihana or that girl from Fanny Pack, Tiffani Grant over Halle.

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