Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Bela Karolyi, former coach of the US women's gymnastic team is raising the red flag about China's 2008 Women's gymnastic team. Why? Because it's happened before where China cheated by having an under aged girl compete in the 2000 games in Athens. The age to qualify to compete in the games is 16 the girl from team China was only 14 years old at the 2000 games. After the games the girl Yang Yun admitted on a state run television program that she was underage. The rule to verify age of athletes competing is to check their passports and that's it. Birth certificates aren't used to determine true age. Just whatever it says on your passport.

That's a whole bunch of B.S. Seeing the Chinese team this year more all of them look way under the age of 16. Most look like 11 or 12 at the most. If this is the case as it was in 2000 than China has really made mockery of the Olympic games. Well the gymnastic portion anyhow. All other Chinese competitors for other sports look of age. But these girls for the gymnastic team do not look of age. I don't believe they are, they are cheating the system. The idiots are out and about commenting on why should it be an issue that they are underage. Well idiots because it's a rule set by the Olympic committee. They feel any girl younger than 16 [like the Chinese teams obviously under aged girls] is in a way abuse. Kinda like forcing kids to work in factories at the age of 6. The Chinese are cheating in gymnastics and it's so obvious.

How much more controversy can China go through. First it was the protest, then it was the cute little girl lip singing at the opening ceremonies because the actual girl that sang wasn't cute enough for TV, and now this underage issue. There should be an investigation into it...

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