Sunday, August 31, 2008


Aaron Sorkin, creator of the TV series The West Wing, is making a film about the controversial origins of Facebook.

The networking site's creator Mark Zuckerberg has been accused by many that he stole the idea from other students and published it in 2004. Sounds like how Napster creator supposedly stole the idea from another student.

But can you imagine this, a movie about a website! How fu#king boring is that. It's like making a movie about the creation of Ebay. Guy is a programmer, has a wife who wants to sell pez collection, he creates a website...boom! He's a billionaire!

I'd rather see a movie of the creator of Craig's List. I want to know who Craig is. I mean the stories from that would be more interesting, cause their full of scams, robberies and prostitution. I've had friends get robbed by people they were meeting to sell stuff they placed on Craig's List. And prostitutes sell their services on Craig's List...that would make for a much more interesting movie...

Who gives a shit about Facebook, it's a rip off of My Space...

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