Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yes the failed 2006 Superman movie has prompted Warner Bros. to scratch the sequel that would have come out in '09 but instead a new story that will re-introduce Superman in an origins type movie MIGHT [depending if they can get a script going] release before 2012. So that means no more Brandon Roth. They will go with someone younger and maybe with a totally different look. Who knows...they are now going to follow the darker formula that has been a huge success for the Batman films.

Sadly it's not going to work. Batman is hero that people can relate to more, because he's human and he doesn't have super powers, he's just a rich man that deals with his inner demons by taking out the bad guys. A vigilante persona. People relate to that more than an alien who looks human and flys around as a big goodie goodie. Always giving the bad guys second chances.

I think they should just shelf this project AGAIN, focus on continuing Batman's success and when Batman is done re-introduce Superman. If Batman continues on the path it's on, staying true to the comic than I can see this Chris Nolan/Christian Bale series going to maybe 6 movies. Batman's got a lot of enemies to fight.

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