Sunday, August 31, 2008


As I am about to create some Obama/McCain/Bush in other words political shirts I am reminded of how I can bash political people on any media I want and make money off it, but if I dare bash a celebrity and try to make money off it. I'll get my ass handed to me. It's just astonishing how protected celebrities really are. We all know they literally get away with murder.

Celebrities are advertising whores. They sell their look to anything that pays them the highest amount. They call them endorsers. Plenty of celebrities live off them. And sports celebs thrive off them. Look at our man Tiger, his endorsment deals bring him over $100 million a year. Just to put his name on their product. And to have him appear on their advertising campaign. We should be able to make money off their likeness because they make money off of the consumer buying the products that they endorse. They make millions off of us, why can't we make a couple thousand off them?

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