Saturday, August 30, 2008


This Saturday MTV held an ABDC special which brought back 5 crews to battle it out to present an award in the VMA awards on Sept. 7. The crews that came back to battle it out were Fanny Pak, Break Sk8, SoReal, Status Quo, and Kabba Modern.

The best two performances where Kabba Modern and Fanny Pak [like those two crews ever give bad performances]. The real point of the show was to show that So"FAKE"Real crew is light years behind Kabba Modern. SoReal's routines all look the same. They recycle move after move. With Kabba it's always something new and fresh. I'm so sick this SoReal crew...I can hardly stand to look @ the guys and their ugly mugs. Kabba kilt it. Cindy from Kabba bustin a nickle was "Hot."

Fanny Pak tore it up too. Tiffani Grant looked soooooo hot in that outfit. I know the performance and choreography was great but I wasn't paying attention to any of that at the time. I was to busy focusing on Taffani.

Break Sk8 and Status Quo showed why they didn't win. Especially more so with Status Quo...those guys just straight out suck. They can't do any choreography at all. Super Cr3w look like the Jabbawockeez compared to them. Status Quo definitely don't live up to their name.

Jabba and Super Cr3w opened up the special with a special combined routine. It's just so funny how the two crews are and have been good friends for years and now they're performing together. You don't think MTV planned it that way? Can you imagine Jabba doing a routine with SoReal or Fanny Pak? Wouldn't work as well as it would with the bboy crew. But anyhow it was nice at the end of the routine Jabba and Super switch signs. Jabba throws up the Super Cr3w sign and Super Cr3w do the Jabba sky point.

So now there are three top teams Kabba, SoReal, and Fanny Pack. I think votes get to determine the top two and those two battle it out live on MTV's VMA awards and the winner of that battle gets to present an award. Jabba and Super Cr3w definitely should definitely already have a spot to perform.

I can't wait to see the performances at the VMA's not to mention to see The Dark Knight win awards, especially Heth Ledger.

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