Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It's a hoax a website says and reports the same. I mean how dumb are rednecks? Seriously these two idiots thought they could fool scientists who were going to examine the so called Bigfoot into thinking it was real? They didn't thing once they cut into it there where going to notice that it was a costume? Their dumb asses held a press conference naming real scientists and naming Standford University as the institution some of the scientists would come from. It didn't cross their minds that reporters/journalists would check their sources? I mean seriously how dumb where these two dip shits?

Now they have the serious big foot hunters hunting for them because they just made them all look bad. Now if a real Bigfoot was to be discovered than no one would believe it. These two idiots are gonna get it. Probably never see them again once the angry Bigfoot community get at the them, they'll get a lynching.

I think the thing that raised a red flag was the fact that they claimed to have found the body in Georgia. Not exactly big foot country. Not enough heavy brush. Most Bigfoot sightings occur around the Pacific Northwest not Georgia.

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