Saturday, August 30, 2008


Speaking of finally going to the movies in God knows how long [I blame it on the kids]. But really for two we spent $46 to watch The Dark Knight. The tickets alone cost us $23 and the food, which consisted of a medium Icee, regular iced coffee, two boxes of chocolate covered gummy bears, and a small personal pan pizza cost another $23. WTF! I remember when movies cost $3.25. And an Icee cost $1.25. Not $5 or so. At these rates I'd rather put out a loan to build me a movie theatre room, like those owned by celebrities and just wait til the DVD comes out to play them in my theatre room.

Watching a movie in the theatre nowadays is ridiculous. It's insane. At this rate by the time my kids are teens they'll be paying $25 a ticket and probably spend $50 alone on food,snacks and drinks. That's crazy...

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