Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ah finally the true American past time sport [Football] is drawing near and that means all the bootleg jerseys are getting ordered up from China. And I'm right there with them. I mean let's look at the price difference $65 for an exact replica of the real thing issued to NFL players and $250-$300 for an "authentic" on field jersey [which still isn't close to the real on field issued jerseys]. It's no comparison, everyone would rather pay $65. But here's a thought. If you're one of those goodie goodies that don't want to buy blackmarket items and would rather pay full price in the stores think twice about that. Because a lot of those stores are now buying them over seas for the $65 or cheaper price and selling them here in their stores for $250. So you're actually buying the blackmarket stuff that you swore to never buy and you're paying 3-4 times the price...that's what they call "a sucker."

Along with the China making money off tourism due to the Olympics the blackmarket underground is also making it's profits off Olympic tourists and Americans off of the blackmarket jersey's. And I say good for them. At least with buying it from China I don't feel ripped off buying merchandise as I do here paying for over priced items. Why would I want to pay $250 for a jersey that cost around $15 each to make overseas? Enuff said...

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