Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well I've got my High School reunion coming up this month I think? And it took me about a second to ponder wether I should go or not. Answer: No. I mean why do people go to reunions? Why would I go? I live in the same city, I pass by the high school everyday on the way to work. Why would I want to relive a life that I've been trying so hard for 10 years to forget. A high school life filled with regret. Besides all the people that I want to see, I see. There's no one at the reunion that I would care to see, maybe only one person. And that's just to see how they're doing. Other than that, there's no point in going. There's no one's life I'm interested in knowing about. I don't give a fu#k about how Wendell Sy and Heather are doing. Or how well off Jeff Cabanban is. Who gives a fu#k. Fuck'em. All I care about is how I'm doing...and I'm not doing well. I mean my true friends I see and talk to occasionally.

Maybe if I were a famous celebrity I'd go. And that would be just to fill my ego. Just to brag about how much money I have and all the cool celebrities I hang out with. But I don't have any of that. I have a blog. Do I brag about that? I'm not making money off it, yet. I drive a minivan, wow! It would just be stupid for me to go. I graduated with a 2.1 GPA. And that's because I wasted my high school life trying to fit in and be cool, be in with the in crowd. Instead of focusing on my future. Now I hate most of those fools I hung out with because all we did was waste the days away just drinking and partying. In fact the friends I consider my true friends are people that I hardly hung out with in high school. High school sucked. Fu#k the reunion! I'm gonna make that into a shirt.

High school reunions are entirely overrated and big waste of time.

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