Saturday, August 16, 2008


Two so called Big foot hunters claim to have found the body of a dead big foot in the woods of Georgia a few weeks ago. They held a press conference today to reveal pictures of what they found, but not reveal the physical body of big foot. But they said that they are going to have scientists and other specialists perform an autopsy on the body on Monday along with gathering DNA samples to determine the species.

These two dorks are so desperate to get attention to themselves and get that 15 minutes of fame that they would concoct this scheme, amidst the other weird animal finding [Montauk Monster]. It didn't surprise me that they received more heckling than serious questions. If this were a true finding these guys would have brought it to public knowledge the next day upon finding the body not months afterwards. This is lame but they're getting traffic to their site because of it. That's what they wanted.

Check out their website

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