Sunday, August 24, 2008


Did I not say that the Cubans have no sportsmanship when that Cuban runner said that had no sympathy for the Chinese defending champion in one of the track and field events. Well I guess they have no control either.

Angel "dumbass" Matos kicked the referee in face following a disqualification he received. Now' his dumbass along with his coach is now banned for life from the Olympics. His lack of control is uncharacteristic of an athelete that studies the martial arts. Control of your emotions and body is the main philosophy of all martial arts forms. Only savages like the ones that fight in UFC events hardly follow the golden rule. Their egos won't let them. So I don't know what this dumbass is doing in Taekwondo, maybe he should look into UFC fighting and mixed martial arts.

This was clearly a bad call by the ref, but an even worse move by the Cuban fighter. To loose control like that. I mean I understand he wanted to fight and was hurt, and his DQ would cost him his medal. But to attack the judge he just lost any chance of ever competing in any Taekwondo event, let alone the Olympics...just stupid.

But it's not a big surprise that the ref made a bad call, all the judges and refs have been making bad calls since the Olympics started. In fact there hasn't been one single Olympics where the judges haven't made a bad call.

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