Saturday, August 30, 2008


So I FINALLY got to watch The Dark Knight. And the conclusion I came up with is that it surpassed all the expectations I had. I was just blown away by the movie. But it made me so upset to see Heth Ledger's portrayal of the Joker, knowing that he's dead and that the can't reprise the role. Because Heth's performance made the really was the best work in his short career. And knowing that he won't be able to continue the role is so saddening and disappointing. Johnny Dep is good but he wouldn't be able to give the darkness that Ledger gave to the role.

God is truly not fair.

I just loved the Joker, who was just a brilliant genius psychopath, who wasn't driven by money, but more so with the thrill of the game. The Joker in The Dark Knight movie was the perfect interpretation of the comic book Joker. Maybe even darker.

One of the best things about the movie was that it gave you a sense that the movie was about to end and then bang it just picks up again. It did that about 3 times. And when it finally got to the ending you where waiting for it to pick up again...I didn't want it to stop.

Batman was Batman, Christian Bale is still the perfect Batman/Bruce Wayne. Though he looked slimmer this time around his acting was okay as Batman, but great as Bruce Wayne. I mean his fighting was great as Batman, but his Batman voice has really got to go. He's trying to hard to give that deep raspy voice. Take it down a notch and he'll be good.

I only wish I had watched it in Imax. I didn't buy the first one but I will definitely buy this one when it comes out on DVD. I can't say it's the best movie of the summer because it's the only movie I've seen in the summer but to me it's the best movie of the year. Amazing!

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