Saturday, August 23, 2008


Photo by Chris Polk

Okay so in season one the Jabbawockeez got cheesy hats as a prize for winning the first season. In the second season Super Cr3w who are great bboys but nowhere near Jabba's league get a dope trophy? You know Chris Styles was like hey man where was our trophy?

I'm glad the bboys won. They aren't that good at routines but they're fun to watch. Their humble attitudes is what you want to see represent the bboy community. Just like how Jabba's humble attitude [Chris Style's in question though] represents the dance community in a positive way.

Now if SoReal had won...they'd be like all about themselves even though they say it's all about the fans. It's funny how they keep saying you ain't never seen dancing like theres before. As I was watching the old recording of the second to last show of last season Kabba Modern went on and I was like "Yep I've seen your kind of dancing before, Kabba's doing it right now." Their true attitudes showed up last week and it was just disgusting to see. My repsect for them dropped to zero. I wouldn't want to see them representing dancing at all.

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