Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay so all I kept hearing before the Olympics started was this guy Michael Phelps. Didn't see him 4 years ago, but did know about his DUI charge after the games 4 years ago [negative news sticks right?]. Well so when it came time to finally see this guy in action I had high expectations because of all this hype about him. Let me tell you he blew away those expectations I had of him. He's an amazing swimmer. On his 200m freestyle run he just blew away everyone with a huge lead and on his semi's for the 200m butterfly the announcer was talking about his uncanny ability to know exactly where he and the rest of the swimmers are and his ability to turn it up when he needs to, that sixth gear per say. As soon as the announcer said that Phelps [at this point a good head behind the leader Japan] hits the turn toward the final 50m and when he comes out of the turn he's ahead and with a bigger lead than Japan had on him coming into the turn. It was amazing to see. I don't doubt he has the ability to get 8 gold medals in one games.

Some have referred to him as "Superman" in the Olympics, but I'd say he's more of Aquaman than Superman. His abilities in the water make it seem as if he lives in water. I'd check behind his ears he might have some gills back there.

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