Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yep, that's Clay Aiken. Doesn't he look freaky? Very Liberace or Siegfried and Roy'ish. Hmm, what do Liberace, Siegfried and Roy have in common with Clay? They're all gay! The only difference is that Clay still won't come out of the closet. Rumor has it it's because of his super religious mom. He doesn't want to break her heart. Live your life man/woman, don't live a lie!

Anyhow wow what happened to him right? He used to look like a hip young gay guy, but now he looks like a Las Vegas flop.

I think he's a very evil guy, that his smiles and good nature is nothing more than a mask that hides the devils face. There's just something about him, he's got to many hidden agendas. Besides he won't come out of the closet so that says a lot about him.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Taxi to the Dark Side dives into the dark secrets of our government. While highlighting one incident out of many war crimes committed by OUR OWN government during George Bush's so called "War on Terror." Our governments eagerness to play dirty has left a bad taste in many mouths of us proud Americans.

Many of us refuse to believe that our government plays as dirty as the terrorists. When the truth is, we play dirtier. Al Queda terrorists kidnap people for ransom demands. Our government kidnaps Iraqi men on suspicion of being linked to terrorism.

Our soldiers are taught to think of Iraqi/middle eastern people as nothing but dogs. To not even consider them as human beings. The government is full of psychopathic killers in high ranking positions who value no ones lives, not even he's own people.

Now I'm a strong hater of tree hugging, peace loving hippies, but this is about the malicious treatment of fellow human beings. This is one of the reasons that our government can not be trusted. It's endless trail of lies and secrets only gains distrust for them by their own people.

Bush waged war on Al Queda terrorists for terrorizing our over rated city of NYC. Now we are terrorizing all of the middle east by kidnapping civilians, torturing them, interrogating them, and degrading them until they die. Who are the terrorists now? Wake up and see the image OUR government has burned into the minds of young middle eastern kids. We now have to teach our children to be aware of the future for those middle eastern kids will seek their revenge. And everyone will remember how George W. Bush single handily destroyed our once great nation. (much like how he ruined all his previous businesses).

Bin Laden isn't the most dangerous terrorists, it's George W. Bush. Also known as the anti-Christ by some.

I have actually yet to see the movie but will do so once it is released on DVD.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Surprise, surprise, 40 year old Gary Coleman is getting divorced from his 22 year old wife Shannon Price. Who didn't see this divorce coming? I mean Gary is so weird, such an uptight person, who'd even consider dating him. He's got real issues with people in general. He's a bitter bitter little man. I think he just hates about every living thing on this earth. You know he hates God to death for making him such a special little guy. The dude has no friends. He refuses to have any friends because he trusts no one. You can blame his parents for that one. They screwed him up socially. They robbed him dry when he was growing up. They pretty were much spending all the money he was making as a kid. If you can't trust your parents who can you trust right?

The guy has had a rough childhood, he never could get himself out of that negativity that surrounded him back then. Now he can't be without the misery. The black cloud that floats above his head has become a part of him.

Shannon claims that Coleman would walkout in the middle of the night and not return til the following day without any explanation. And when he didn't get his way he would throw tantrums like a 5 year old kid. I would love to see that, he looks like a 5 year old kid. Unfortunately lil' Gary will live out the remainder of his life in misery. He's 40 years old already and he's lived this way for a very long time, the saying "you can't teach and old dog new tricks" would probably apply well here. He'll never change, he'll never trust anyone. He's too bitter, he's pretty much a lost cause. He's one of Hollywood's many sad stories. But I loved him in Diff'rent Strokes.


The new season of Miami Ink kicked off this week, with a whole lota change. New intro, new shop (in the works) and new members to welcome in. Last season left with a clash leaving the shop one less person. Kat Von D apparently was a thorn in Ami's side. Resulting in him yanking it off and throwing it in the trash. Luckily for Kat, she's become somewhat as famous and was offered her own show by TLC.

As the break for Miami Ink played out. Kat's show aired, called LA Ink. Which is a carbon copy of Ami's shop, but with all really annoying chicks, including Kat. Who for the glamour of the show slimmed down, using the tweaker diet no less. As great of an artist as she is, her reckless and immature lifestyle will no less bring her down fall. The bitterness between Ami and his former employee continued during the break, with a promo flier of Kat "allegedly" give to Ami shortly after her firing, with a racial message and her signature. Kat repeatedly denied doing such a controversial thing. But hey, tweakers do thing they don't remember doing when they're high. I'm more of an Ami fan so I got to get his back. Besides he's much more mature than Kat. At least he takes life seriously. She, I think takes life with a grain of salt. She takes it for granted pretty much. She just wants to live that rock star lifestyle.

But anyhow the season premiere episode Ami and Nunez don't hesitate to throw jabs at Kat. Suggesting that she was the one that brought in bad vibes to the shop, how she wasn't trust worthy she really was and referring to her as the enemy. I'm sure her legions of loyal fans have been bashing Miami Ink on Kat Von D forums. But aside from the bad taste Kat left behind, they moved on. Yoji putting up full time hours now, which leads to the hire of a long time trust worthy friend Baby Dre and the addition of black and grey tattoo master Tim Hendricks to replace Kat. Ironically Tim is the guy that taught Kat everything she knows. Kat was pretty much a creation of Tim and Garver. But don't bet on her admitting that. Her ego's to big for that now.

Other than that the show is still purely about the customers and the tattoos they get. Keeping that same formula that's kept them on the air for a few seasons now. Unlike their fake drama infested rival show Inked, which was cancelled only after two seasons due to a drop in ratings. Miami Ink will continue to draw crowds and fans, because they are straight forward with their audience. It's all about the customers and their tattoos.

The truth is that Ami, Nunez and the shop will have a long business life, while Kat's LA Ink will reflect her life style fast and hard. Meaning things good/bad will come fast but in then burnout just as fast and hard, unless she grows up and acts more mature. It's sad to say because she's such a great artist, but it's the truth.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Our friendly neighborhood Mexican Wrestler emailed me his thoughts on Amy Whinehouse. I couldn't agree more. It's no wonder her husband won't lay off the drugs. He's got to look at that mess naked.


Is Amy Winehouse the most unattractive person in the fucking world?Even her talent is just a fad right now. Deserved an award(s)? Fuck no.Kill her now, so our society can put her up on a pedestal. Our civility is stupid.

~ MW

Friday, April 25, 2008


Black kung fu fighting actor Wesley Snipes sentenced to serve 3 years in a federal prison for tax evasion. Got all that money, but felt that he didn't need to pay his taxes. Smart move there Blade. What you get kicked in the head to much?

It's this simple. You make lot of money, you pay taxes, no big deal. You no go to jail Black china man. Rich people and their lack of respect for the rules. They don't pay their taxes and us the average hard working person, suffers for it.

I'm sure his prison stay will be at a minimum security facility. Kinda like a strict resort. He won't really be doing hard time.


The recent rape trial of a US service man stationed in Japan has brought back ugly memories. The kind that leaves a bad taste in your mouth for a long time.

Servicemen and rapes in foreign lands seems to be a trend in the last 10 years or so. In 1995 3 service men stationed in Japan kidnap, beat, and rape a 12 year old girl. In 2005 6 servicemen in a training program with the Philippine Military kidnap and brutally gang rape a 22 year old woman, in 2006 (I believe) a group US soldiers in Iraq plans and executes the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl and her family, and now in 2008 a service man stationed in Japan is charged in the kidnap and brutal rape of a 14 year old girl.

The question is. What's the deal? It has to be that our soldiers go to these foreign lands and they have no respect at all to the laws of the land they're visiting. If I were a soldier stationed in a foreign land, I would think twice about breaking the law, especially in places like the Philippines or China where jail conditions make a Tijuana jail look like a Holiday in Resort.

We're asked to support our troops but how can you when you have ones like the ones that committed these crimes running around. It only takes one drop of red dye to ruin a clean white sheet.

I mean why rape a girl when prostitution is wide spread in these countries. For a few bucks you can have all the fun that you want, without all the trouble. I don't get it, it's just stupidity on the soldiers part.

I mean it's a serious issue, but I just find it ironic that the Japanese people are in an uproar, considering that the Japanese (especially the men) are the most perverted humans around. Their military soldiers during the world war periods where 100x worse than any of the US service men. Just wikipedia "the rape of Nanking." The Japanese military generals allowed all the massacre to happen, in fact they encouraged it. The same happened in the Philippines, when Japan invaded. They gathered up all the young women they could find, brought them to a hospital that they had seized. Placed the women on beds and had their soldiers continually rape the women as a sort of relaxation period, to relieve the stress of war. Commanders thought of it as a treat to their soldiers. As bad as the current circumstances are, it's just so ironic.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Over the weekend Carmen Electra spent it in Las Vegas, celebrating her 36th birthday. She expected to have a good old time and she did, but what she didn't expect was to come back to L.A. engaged.

Her boyfriend (fiance) Rob Patterson, Korn guitarist popped the question.

This will mark her 3rd marriage. Her previous marriage was to Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction. Everyone witnessed that marriage on television as their engagement leading to the wedding was documented by MTV.

The documentary gave us a glimpse of the life of Carmen Electra, even a rare glimpse of Carmen without all the make up. It wasn't a good scene for her. She's the type that relies on make up to much. Without it she's nothing.

Now the question is whether MTV will approach her again for a second documentary for her third marriage. Will she finally find someone that she can stay married to for more than two years? We'll just have to wait and see.


Slide show brought to you by UBERCOOL

1. Liza Minnelli & David Gest ($ 3.5 million)
2. Paul McCartney & Heather Mills ($ 3 Million)
3. Elizabeth Hurley & Arun Nayar ($ 2.5 Million)
4. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes ($ 2 Million)
5. Elizabeth Taylor & Larry Fortensky ($ 2 Million)
6. Christine Aguilera & Jordan Bratman ($ 2 Million)
7. Elton John & David Furnish ($2 Million)
8. Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones ($1.5 Million)
9. Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren ($ 1.5 Million)
10.Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell ($ 1.5 Million)


Of course she's upset that the tabloids are spreading the story that she's fed up with being brainwashed and submitting to Tom's crazy rules. She's upset because she has a contract with Tom to be married for just a little under the 10 year mark. If rumors went around that she wasn't happy and she didn't deny them than Tom would get mad and she wouldn't get certain yearly incentives, outlined in the contract.

Am I certain there's a contract written? No, but I just love conspiracy theories. Besides, who in their right minds believe there was no arrangement to this hook up has got to be a gullible Christian/Catholic. She was a devote Christian/Catholic (I think it's one of those) but she throws all that away, converts to Scientology just to get with Tom Cruise? Knowing Christians and Catholics, it ain't that easy. If they are devote, they are pretty much grounded in the belief. It's hard to show them facts that contradict the bible.

I don't think they're on the splits anytime soon. Not for a few years anyways. When she's not so popular in the tabloids anymore and no one wants her in a movie than that's when you'll start to see hear her start to make negative comments about her marriage with Tom. Because I believe she signed the contract because she wants to desperately be a top rated celebrity and Tom is offering her that avenue. Just like what became of Nicole Kidman, due to the marriage with Tom.

It's just a theory...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- Film director Paul Verhoeven has written a book that contradicts the Bible by suggesting that Jesus might have been fathered by a Roman soldier who raped Mary.

An Amsterdam publishing house says it will publish the book titled "Jesus of Nazareth: A Realistic Portrait" in September.

Verhoeven is best known as the director of films including "Basic Instinct" and "RoboCop," but he is also a member of the "Jesus Seminar," a group that questions church teachings about Jesus.

John Dominic Crossan, a Jesus Seminar founder, says that while Verhoeven is a member in good standing, there is little evidence for the view that Jesus was illegitimate.

Crossan says the claim was first reported in a polemic written in the second century to refute the Christian belief that Jesus was born of a virgin.

If you truly believe that Jesus Christ was born through immaculate conception. Than you are definitely a gullible Christian/Catholic. There is no possible way that Mary could have had Jesus without doing the deed. If God wanted to impregnate Mary, he'd have to come down from the heavens and bend her over and give it to her. I mean that's how he made humans procreate, so why would he bypass that?

I believe she was afraid to tell her parents or her parents were ashamed of her extracurricular activities. I don't believe she was raped by a Roman soldier. I believe she had a crush on a boy her age and they got together knowing that she was sold to Joseph as an arranged marriage (which is still common in that part of the world). So in her last free moment, she spent it with her true love, giving herself to him. Now that's a little more romantic and would make more sense during that time. But than again, Romans were notorious for raping and taking what they wanted. I mean jump to present time, a US soldier organized the rape and murder of a young Iraqi girl and her family. It does still happen. The point is, soldiers get a lose themselves to war and commit awful atrocities.


Gosh, I'm behind on my movie stuff. I'm usually aware of what's coming out but I didn't know this was coming out. Thanks to my friend the Mexican Wrestler for the heads up.

So out to be released in 2009 is the live action version of G.I. Joe. Now if you grew up in the 80's you know what I'm talking about. This was one of the best shows back in the days. Next to Transformers, Silver Hawk, Care Bears, Thunder Cats, He-Man, and Robotech. Tell me if I missed anything. Back then the cartoons were fun, nowadays they're too ANIME'ish and make no sense at all.

Okay so back to G.I. Joe's. I can't wait to see how this ends up. Hopefully better than Transformers, which in my opinion was a big disappointment. I can't believe Michael Bay "dumbed down" the Transformers. This should be more interesting though, since it's all pretty much human characters carrying the story and not CGI characters.

The character I'm interested in seeing in action is of course the coolest G.I. Joe, Snake Eyes. Especially since he's played by Darth Maul aka Ray Park. He's a perfect fit for Snake Eyes. So expect to see lots of crazy martial arts stunts. The casting of Cobra Commander is the only one that's got me a little concerned. He's going to be played by 3rd Rock From the Sun's Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Isn't he a bit young to be playing Cobra Commander? Other names casted or rumored to be cast are Dennis Quaid (casted/General Hawk), Christopher Eccleston (casted/Destro), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (rumored/Shipwreck), Sienna Miller (casted/The Baroness), Brendan Freiser (rumored/Gung Ho), Marlon Waynes (casted/Ripcord), Channing Tatum (casted/Duke), Karolina Kurkova (casted/Cover-Girl), and Arnold Vosloo (casted/Zartan).

We'll just have to wait to see how this movie turns out. Let's hope they don't turn it into a joke, and instead take it seriously and make it for us. The kids (now adults) that grew up watching the show.


After much consideration, Celebrity HAiDER now has an unofficial/official beer, Corona Extra beer.

From this day forward Corona Extra Beer is the only beer that HAiDER will drink. Ya'll can drink all your ale's and dark beer all you want. But I am totally satisfied with my Corona.

Oh and on a side note. Limes are for tourists.


Do you know who Miranda Lambert is? Neither do I. Why am I writing about her? Because she is a perfect example of how reality show graduates egos get out of hand.

TMZ reports that Miranda Lambert (a finalist on the 2003 season of "Nashville Star") is accused of assaulting a bar patron (Aisha Esbay) when she approached Lambert asking her if she would take a picture with her friend. What's the problem you ask? Well the friend of Aisha recognized Lambert, but Aisha (like most of us) didn't know who the f#%k she was.
That was a big no no for Lambert, who seems to feel that she's a super famous country star should be a house hold name by now. That everyone and their mamas should know who she is.

So instead of reminding Aisha of who she was in a nice civilized fashion, she opt to instead to continuously shove Aisha into a bar stool.

Sorry honey, I still don't know who the hell you are. Save the diva attitude for when you're really truely famous (if you ever get there). I'm talking about J-Lo status.


These two are probably the two most famous presidential candidates. If one of these two wins the election, they will be making history. Literally.

If Barack Obama wins, he'll be the first BLACK President. That is a big big big thing for this nation. Our nation. It's saying that "Hey! We ARE a nation of diversity." I guess.

If Hillary Clinton wins, she will be the first FEMALE President. That's also a big thing. I guess.

So "I guess" that really means these two are the duo that will change American minds.

But will it make a difference in how America handles it's foreign relations? No. If you enjoy conspiracy theories like myself than you know that the "President" really isn't in the drivers seat. The President is just the image of America that they publicly display to the world. Like how Ronald McDonald the clown is the face of the McDonald's restaurant chain, but the ones that run the show are behind closed doors.

Nothing will really change. Terrorists will still want to kill us. The war will never end, Bush buried us deep in this sh#t hole that we'll never get out it. Just like how he leaves all his business ventures, in chaos. The world will soon turn against us. Bush has soured relations left and right with his policies and ideas. I don't think he's listening to the real rulers of this nation. Bush is a little slow.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Stacey Dash is 42 years old, but she looks like she's in her 20s. So when she did the movie Clueless in 1995 she was 29. She looked like she was Alicia Silverstone's age. 19. She's got to be one of the hottest women in their 40s. That bodies bangin.


Mariah Carey just released her newest album and does she look hotter than ever. Now Mariah's not a small petite girl. She's filled in. Filled in really nice.

I can only imagine all the fellas whackin one to her newest music video. All her music video's should only show her in various different outfits, costumes, lingerie, and bathing suits. Just have her and only her on the video. Dancing or jumping around. That would be hot.


Who the heck knows why Tila Nguyen changed her name to Tila Tequila. I guess she's ashamed that she's Asian and has the most common Vietnamese last name, comparable to white peoples "Smith." She is a white washed little Asian girl.

I just can't find her attractive. I mean she's got a nice little body. Nice rack and nice rear. But that alien head just gets you turned off. Her head is definitely to big for her small frame. She's got to gain some weight to get her a little more proportional to her head. That thing is a lollipop. She looks like a freakin' lollipop head.

She's a desperate reality show fame seeker too. I think she'll do anything to be really famous. A former import model trying to make it to the Hollywood lights and thanks to MTV she's got some sort of outlet.


Well we're back to these two ladies. Reports the other week went blazing out that the two actually got engaged because? The typical reason why celebrities decide to tie the knot. They're preggys! Which exactly is going to give birth is still up for debate. My money is on the pretty one. Pete.
The rumors flared up because it's reported that good old Papa Joe was trying to sell to the tabloids in advance the rights to take the first pictures of Ashley's baby. Suggesting that the two are pregnant.

Ex-minister turned Hollywood sleaze ball manager. What would his old ministry think of him now? I swear if Jessica wasn't successful, he'd probably try to pimp her out to horny old men. Tell her that they were music execs willing to back you...only if you let them hit it from the back first. She's dumb enough to fall for it, right? I wouldn't put it past Papa Joe.

Anyways these two ladies have yet to confirm that they are pregnant. They probably won't admit to it until she's as big as a Carnival Cruise Ship.


The oh so gorgeous voluptuous Salma Hayek is a stunner on TV or film, thanks to not movie magic, but make-up magic. As you can see the left image catches a rare glimpse of Hayek, without all the Hollywood make-up. She looks normal Mexicana. But with all the make-up she looks more South American.

She's still beautiful either way. And look at those twins of hers. Those will always look good with or without make-up. Salma Hayek is and will always be in the top 5 hottest actresses of all time on HAiDERS list.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil. If he has a degree in psychology than why has his professional ethics gone out the door? He's so into himself and this fame that he's gotten from Oprah that's he's forgotten the ethic code of doctors. He barged into the hospital to see Britney Spears and talked about her condition to the world. Where's the doctor-patient confidentiality? But I guess having your own show changes that huh? He thinks he has the right to publicly share his patients conditions with the nation, if it gets better ratings. He tells people to "get real" when in reality he needs to "get real".

His latest antics involves one of the suspects of the now infamous video taped beating of 16 year old Victoria Lindsay. One of his producers or someone on his staff bailed out the ring leader of the beating, Mercedes Nichols. In return she agreed to be interviewed on Dr. Phil's talk show. The question is what dumba$$ judge allowed the bail to be processed when there's a strict gag order on the case. Nichols wouldn't have been able to appear on the show anyhow, because she's not allowed to say anything about the case. know what. He really doesn't deserve to be called Dr. Let's just call him Phil. Phil is one of the sleaziest slugs out there. These teens, all eight of them involved in the beating of Lindsay are going to get what they deserve. Life in prison. It's reported that when first arrested the eight joked and laughed about how they weren't going to be able to go to the beach now. They all thought it would just be a slap on the wrist for beating up Lindsay. Now Lindsay will get the last laugh, because they're all being tried as adults. And facing life sentences. She'll be able to pick up the pieces and try to recover from her injuries in the free world, when her peers grow up behind bars and their freedom limited to an hour a day in the court yard.

I hope Phil gets his act straight or he's going to be looking at a cancelled show. Why it's still on anyways? Your guess is as good as mine.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


God I hate these two with such passion that I can't even begin to describe the feeling I have about them. Their romance is as fake as the show they co-star in. The Hills. Nothing about this reality show is real, everything is scripted and setup.

Okay here's what I've heard about these series of photos. First of all does it really look like candid photos are being taken here? It all looks setup. And their terrible acting isn't helping. Heidi and Spencer are pretty much so desperate to be famous that they will do anything. All these pictures were taken all on the same day. With numerous clothing changes and set changes they play these pictures as if they were all taken on different days. Lame. But we all eat it up. Some of us can't get enough of it.

It's totally our fault that fame seekers like Heidi and Spencer are so in demand. We fuel the monster that's called reality TV. We find it interesting and therefore people that act in it become overnight celebrities. Look at the Paris.

Heidi and Spencer are just part of the reality show fame seekers that are trying to stretch their 15minutes of fame to an hour. They'll walk around like they belong on the same red carpet as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but the reality is that they don't and their egos grow and grow the longer the manage to stay in the spot like. As long as the papazo's are following them, their egos will sky rocket. These two are two of the most desperate fame seekers.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Either the pappazo's got used to snapping at Paris at just the right time or is Paris as dumb as she looks. I think she's dumber than dumb and dumber. I mean as I was looking for funny pictures of Paris to blog about, upskirt aka money shots of Paris kept popping up. I did some clicking and found that out of all the celebrities she has the most money shots, with Britney coming in a close behind her.

That just not good for her image. It says she's easy. Basically a slut. She's purposely wearing clothing that will allow others to see the goods. She thinks it makes her look sexy wearing these skimpy clothes, but in reality it's making her look like the slut people already see her as. She always claims that her bimboness is all an act. But she's yet to prove that. Nicole Ritchie is more sophisticated that she is and doesn't seem as air headed. Now if she said her bimboness was an act, she would be a lot more believable than Queen of the upskirts, Paris.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Aw, another case of disgruntle employee? or not. No one really knows the truth but the parties involved. But we celebrity dependant sheep make our speculations and conclusions. And which side we choose depends solely on how much we like or dislike the celebrity involved.

In this case, I never liked Rob Lowe, back in the 80's I thought he acted a bit like a closet occupant. Just a pretty boy that all the ladies love, til this day.

So assuming that his ego has gone straight through the roof, with all the pu$$y that's been flung his way throughout his career, I am going to not be surprised by the fact that his former nanny claims that he has groped her and has exposed himself to her on numerous occasion. You have his kinda ego, you build your self up by thinking that any and every woman wants you.

If you don't know what I'm talking's a gist of the story (you can click on the link at the end to read the article). Rob Lowe's former nanny of 7 years is suing Rob Lowe for sexual harassment and abuse. Claims of groping, fondling, and indescent expose come from Gibson's camp, while Rob's camp is trying to play the discrediting game on Gibson. Who's right and who's wrong is all in the hands of the judge. I'm voting for the nanny.

Read article click here

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008


These two white guys got balls. You do not want to be arrested in China. Give it up to you white people. Always fighting other peoples fights. Always the first to the protest and always the last to leave. It's the passion thing again.

Oh I bet the Olympic committee is kicking themselves in the a$$ about this years summer Olympics, to be held in China. China known for it's vast amount of bootleg and hacked items has a darker side to it's entity. They are also known for their governments strict and unjust laws. Also lets not forget their long fight with Tibet.

With the Olympic games in few short months protesters are out in full force boycotting the torch relays around the world. The only North American run in San Francisco was a widely discussed topic this past week. "FREE TIBET!" was the common slogan found on protesters signs.

Tibet has been trying to become free since it was conquered first by the Mongol Empire 700 years ago. Will it ever be free? I don't think so. China rules with an iron hand. I mean the great Brad Pitt tried a few years back. Now he won't even talk about it. He's on to easier things to change/help, like Africa. China will never give up Tibet or any of it's property. So in hine sight. Just give up people.

Oh I know a few that are gonna get on my case about the end of that last paragraph. Sometimes there just isn't a light at the end of the tunnel. Am I a cold heartless individual? No, I'm a realist. I don't cloud my mind with religious hopes and dreams otherwise known as crap. I see things for what they really are. So with that I see no end to China's rule over Tibet. The WHOLE world would have to wage war on China to free Tibet and even with that, I think China will fight to the end. And you wanna know why? Chinese are full of pride and are very stubborn.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Forget about Audrina Patridge, let's talk about her sister Casey. She's much prettier. Caught a glimpse of her on Ashton Kutcher's new show "Pop Fiction". She was hot. And what makes her even hotter is that she's got ink. And I mean ink. Full sleeves and some chest ink. Like I've said before, it's hard to find a pretty inked up girl...she's definitely a rare find. I can't seem to find any pics of her yet though. Seems she hasn't made the rounds yet in the hollywood scene. I'm sure that will all change within the year. Once images are available I'll post her pics up but til then...

Click on link below to see preview of the Pop Fiction featuring Audrina and her sister Casey:


After her short stay in prison Paris Hilton went on Larry King to discuss her ordeal. On that particular interview she vowed to change her ways, she promised things that a high school presidential candidate would promise. Well that was months ago and thank you to for now forgetting all she promised, followed up on them. They found out that she has but kept only one promise. Not drinking and driving.

But her other promises, ones that weren't so self orientated were all but forgotten by the bimbo heiress. Like helping raise money for kids, breast cancer, and multiple sclerosis. None of the associations have been contacted by Hilton.

I just love how this girl tries to convince people that she's really a smart girl and that she's just acting dumb? When will she realize that we're not that stupid and we know that she's the stereotypical "blonde bimbo." She's just a rich spoiled no talent brat who thinks herself as an A-list celebrity when she's more like a D-list celebrity. She's pretty much a dumb slut that gets to much publicity. Yea I said it and I'll keep saying it. She's a dumb slut.

To read the Accesshollywood article click here


Okay after finding picks of EMO poster boy I just had to have an article about him. So this is how my article will begin...

WTF! What a F#$ken queer. I'm sorry but if you're a guy and you think wearing eyeliner is cool than you're seriously more messed up than Ms. Britney Spears. You've definitely fallen victim to a mainstream media trend...wait this just in...mainstream media is reporting that they sent the EMO trend out as a joke to see how many guys would actually fall for wearing eyeliner and black nail polish. They say thanks for all the great laughs.

No seriously, I know I've addressed this "EMO" issue before but let's go back to it, please. This eyeliner thing is just to hilarious. I thought metro sexual was bad...this Emo sh*t is apparently worse. I can just see it EMO disciple is holding up a 7eleven. How could you take him seriously? Well I guess you can right, cause you've got to be seriously messed up in the head to be wearing eyeliner.

Wait am I just acting like an old fart? A not so hip dude? Nope. My mind is more aware and free than it has ever been. I see clearly now the rain has gone. I see it how it is and this is just queer eye for the straight guy.

And Pete Wentz is the biggest poster boy for the trend, next to Jared Leto. Oh if you already didn't know Peter is the lead guitarist for the EMO band FOB: Fall Out Boy (ahahahaha I've been waiting to say FOB...inside joke). I mean from his EMO style to his queer tattoo's this guy screams closet occupant all the way.


Well here's the breaking news that you all have been waiting for. Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz are now engaged. Yea baby! That's what I'm talking about! You go girls!

Yes! The girl who is still confused about what her style is, is going to marry the poster boy for the queer "Emo" trend. Why should we give a f*#k these to girls are getting married? We shouldn't, they'll be over before you know it. I mean I just don't understand why celebrities get married. Their marriages never work out. Celebrities are to self centered and when they get married to another celebrity than it's like a constant internal war. It's career vs. career. If one becomes more popular than the other, it eats the other up inside until he/she breaks down and walla the marriage is over and they check the "irreconcilable differences" box on the divorce papers.

They don't understand that marriage is about give and take. That you have to be willing to change things about your for your spouse and they have to do the same. That's how a marriage lasts. But Celebrities are too self absorbed to see that.

But anyhow yah let's celebrate the engagement of these two C-List celebrities! Yes, good luck you two. We love you! You guys make the cutest couple! You're babies are going to look so good! (sound like the average young teeny fan right? I think I'll throw up now).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I don't know about you but, I'm not just going to excuse all her antics on mental illness. Clearly she has some mental issues, but was it really there all along? Or had her reckless lifestyle caused her to just snap? I think so. I mean if anything it's her abuse of her body that caused her to loose her grip on reality.

I can't and won't feel sorry for her because she has all these great opportunities to be successful (aside from the fact that she's not that talented in anything) and live a great life, but she's done nothing but find ways to throw it all away.

I mean her Mickey Mouse Club peers Christina Aguilerra and Justin Timberlake have managed to maintain stable successful careers at the same level of popularity and fame as she, without losing their minds. Is she just that much more weak minded than her peers? Apparently. So go ahead and feel sorry for her, give her that love and support that she needs from a fans stand point. She'll appreciate it, and forget that she flicked off her fans in south America a few years back, she is living with a mental illness.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Gwen Stefani, I always thought she was a hot and cool chick. You know the type that was fun to kick it with, that hangs out like one of the fellas. It seemed that way when she first hit the scene back in the early 90's. But just like others before her, fame and money turned her to the dark side.

First hint was her blowing off her group to go solo, getting with that a$$hole Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of a has been band named BUSH, then rumors of Gwen being a real bitch in person (diva'ish), and the release of her clothing lines (L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers) charging customers an average of $55 for a graphic tee. I would call this the timeline of decline for Gwen.

It just disappointments me when people you thought were down to earth, are nothing more than an opportunistic greedy rat. But I guess that's what it takes to become super famous in the first place, greed and selfishness. I thought she would be different, but nope, she's no different from big time diva J-Lo.

Friday, April 4, 2008


UPDATE: Close sources to both Jay-Z and Beyonce have confirmed the two married this past Friday, though it hasn't officially be announced.

There were rumors floating around (as reported by that the Jiggaman and Beyonce are already married. No ones believing it, especially TMZ. They site many reasons why they believe it was all an elaborate April fools joke. TMZ reports that Jay-Z and Beyonce have applied for a marriage license on April 1st.

But who knows, these celebrities try to get all sneaky. Remember Britney and K-Fed. They fooled everyone even family members with their surprise wedding.

The April fools thing might just be the perfect cover for a surprise wedding.

My thought is, who gives a rats a$$ about them getting married. Just get married. Who gives a sh#t. Why do we all get caught up with celebrities BS? We've all been programed to give a sh#t about these celebrities that we don't care as much about our lives as we do theirs. It's America's shame, really. That and being the fattest country in the world.

Anyways f-you Jay-Z and Beyonce you rich bitches. I hope you had/have a terrible wedding, I hope everything went/will go wrong. I can't wish nothing but the worst for you two. Now that's a HAiDER send off.

HAiDER out!


Backstage at the finale of America's Best Dance Crew thanks to Shannon from Breaksk8 Entertainment Crew (BEC).


This is just an astonishing image of the two greatest black men in the history of America. It's just breathe taking is it not? I mean that is the great King himself on the left, Mr. Martin Luther King and the most influential black man of all time to the right, Malcom X.

Both so influential and so passionate about their beliefs. They were destined to change the world, but instead the two shared the same fate...assassination.

King is believed to have been killed by the Government we live under, just years after the same Government had JFK assassinated. X was killed by his own people. The very people he fought for, the Nation of Islam.

Imagine what the world would be like today if these two were still alive. America would most certainly be a very different place. Two great leaders would have shaped America into a nation of diversity. Instead we've got to simpletons by the names of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton speaking on behave of the black people. Two knuckle heads that, when given the chance throw the race card out. What a shame isn't it?

Alas the greed of our "Great Nation" has robbed us of great people, difference makers. JFK, MLK, X, who's next? Makes me wonder if the bad guys have been winning this whole time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I really don't understand what the big hype is with this guy, Emeril. He's been in the cooking scene for awhile but I just never really fell for this guys gimmick. I even enjoy watching Mr. Self Centered himself Bobby Flay more than I do Emeril. Both are about the same but Flay is a little more tolerable to watch. To me Emeril fakes the funk. What I mean by that is, when you first see Emeril, you're thinking he's Italian right? Cause he's got that whole mobster wiseguy type persona he's pushing out. Now that would be fine if he were actually Italian. But he's not. He's Canadian/Portuguese.

Aside from that he's just plain annoying. He's not really trying to teach you how to cook the meal he's cooking. He'll ramble about the ingredients and not tell you key steps in making the meal. It's all about the entertainment value with him. He's to diva'ish. I mean he's got a freakin' band playing next to his cooking station. Just watching him in his kitchen it just seems like he thinks he's to good for all of it. Like he is bigger than cooking or the Food's no wonder why they didn't want to renew his contract. His head was probably getting to big for their tastes.

I dunno what else to say, this guy just rubs me the wrong way. Just like Dr. Phil. I'd put them on the same level. First Class piece of shit pricks. Is that mean to say? I hope so.