Thursday, April 10, 2008


Okay after finding picks of EMO poster boy I just had to have an article about him. So this is how my article will begin...

WTF! What a F#$ken queer. I'm sorry but if you're a guy and you think wearing eyeliner is cool than you're seriously more messed up than Ms. Britney Spears. You've definitely fallen victim to a mainstream media trend...wait this just in...mainstream media is reporting that they sent the EMO trend out as a joke to see how many guys would actually fall for wearing eyeliner and black nail polish. They say thanks for all the great laughs.

No seriously, I know I've addressed this "EMO" issue before but let's go back to it, please. This eyeliner thing is just to hilarious. I thought metro sexual was bad...this Emo sh*t is apparently worse. I can just see it EMO disciple is holding up a 7eleven. How could you take him seriously? Well I guess you can right, cause you've got to be seriously messed up in the head to be wearing eyeliner.

Wait am I just acting like an old fart? A not so hip dude? Nope. My mind is more aware and free than it has ever been. I see clearly now the rain has gone. I see it how it is and this is just queer eye for the straight guy.

And Pete Wentz is the biggest poster boy for the trend, next to Jared Leto. Oh if you already didn't know Peter is the lead guitarist for the EMO band FOB: Fall Out Boy (ahahahaha I've been waiting to say FOB...inside joke). I mean from his EMO style to his queer tattoo's this guy screams closet occupant all the way.

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