Sunday, April 27, 2008


The new season of Miami Ink kicked off this week, with a whole lota change. New intro, new shop (in the works) and new members to welcome in. Last season left with a clash leaving the shop one less person. Kat Von D apparently was a thorn in Ami's side. Resulting in him yanking it off and throwing it in the trash. Luckily for Kat, she's become somewhat as famous and was offered her own show by TLC.

As the break for Miami Ink played out. Kat's show aired, called LA Ink. Which is a carbon copy of Ami's shop, but with all really annoying chicks, including Kat. Who for the glamour of the show slimmed down, using the tweaker diet no less. As great of an artist as she is, her reckless and immature lifestyle will no less bring her down fall. The bitterness between Ami and his former employee continued during the break, with a promo flier of Kat "allegedly" give to Ami shortly after her firing, with a racial message and her signature. Kat repeatedly denied doing such a controversial thing. But hey, tweakers do thing they don't remember doing when they're high. I'm more of an Ami fan so I got to get his back. Besides he's much more mature than Kat. At least he takes life seriously. She, I think takes life with a grain of salt. She takes it for granted pretty much. She just wants to live that rock star lifestyle.

But anyhow the season premiere episode Ami and Nunez don't hesitate to throw jabs at Kat. Suggesting that she was the one that brought in bad vibes to the shop, how she wasn't trust worthy she really was and referring to her as the enemy. I'm sure her legions of loyal fans have been bashing Miami Ink on Kat Von D forums. But aside from the bad taste Kat left behind, they moved on. Yoji putting up full time hours now, which leads to the hire of a long time trust worthy friend Baby Dre and the addition of black and grey tattoo master Tim Hendricks to replace Kat. Ironically Tim is the guy that taught Kat everything she knows. Kat was pretty much a creation of Tim and Garver. But don't bet on her admitting that. Her ego's to big for that now.

Other than that the show is still purely about the customers and the tattoos they get. Keeping that same formula that's kept them on the air for a few seasons now. Unlike their fake drama infested rival show Inked, which was cancelled only after two seasons due to a drop in ratings. Miami Ink will continue to draw crowds and fans, because they are straight forward with their audience. It's all about the customers and their tattoos.

The truth is that Ami, Nunez and the shop will have a long business life, while Kat's LA Ink will reflect her life style fast and hard. Meaning things good/bad will come fast but in then burnout just as fast and hard, unless she grows up and acts more mature. It's sad to say because she's such a great artist, but it's the truth.

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