Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Do you know who Miranda Lambert is? Neither do I. Why am I writing about her? Because she is a perfect example of how reality show graduates egos get out of hand.

TMZ reports that Miranda Lambert (a finalist on the 2003 season of "Nashville Star") is accused of assaulting a bar patron (Aisha Esbay) when she approached Lambert asking her if she would take a picture with her friend. What's the problem you ask? Well the friend of Aisha recognized Lambert, but Aisha (like most of us) didn't know who the f#%k she was.
That was a big no no for Lambert, who seems to feel that she's a super famous country star should be a house hold name by now. That everyone and their mamas should know who she is.

So instead of reminding Aisha of who she was in a nice civilized fashion, she opt to instead to continuously shove Aisha into a bar stool.

Sorry honey, I still don't know who the hell you are. Save the diva attitude for when you're really truely famous (if you ever get there). I'm talking about J-Lo status.


  1. Could it be that you want to believe this just because Miranda is a "has" and you're a "have not"? The word is accused not guilty. I know Miranda well enough to know that the premise is BS and is likey just celebrity taunting. Do we believe Aisha Esbay just because she is nobody? Why don't we give Miranda the benefit of the doubt as opposed to warming the tar and gathering the feathers.

  2. From one "has not" to another "has not" thanks for your comment JWILSON. Obiviously you don't understand what the blogsite is about. There's a reason it's named what it's named. I don't give all celebrities the benefit of the doubt, nor do I warm up the tar and gather the feathers. I ready the firing squad and I gather the bullets. Continue to support what's her name? She needs at least one fan to have her back.

  3. I went to school with the "victim" and she is a psychotic drama queen who overindulges in alcohol. Unfortunately her husband helped to open the bar they were in so it would not be hard for her to help find people to back up her story- I say story but mean lie.