Friday, April 4, 2008


UPDATE: Close sources to both Jay-Z and Beyonce have confirmed the two married this past Friday, though it hasn't officially be announced.

There were rumors floating around (as reported by that the Jiggaman and Beyonce are already married. No ones believing it, especially TMZ. They site many reasons why they believe it was all an elaborate April fools joke. TMZ reports that Jay-Z and Beyonce have applied for a marriage license on April 1st.

But who knows, these celebrities try to get all sneaky. Remember Britney and K-Fed. They fooled everyone even family members with their surprise wedding.

The April fools thing might just be the perfect cover for a surprise wedding.

My thought is, who gives a rats a$$ about them getting married. Just get married. Who gives a sh#t. Why do we all get caught up with celebrities BS? We've all been programed to give a sh#t about these celebrities that we don't care as much about our lives as we do theirs. It's America's shame, really. That and being the fattest country in the world.

Anyways f-you Jay-Z and Beyonce you rich bitches. I hope you had/have a terrible wedding, I hope everything went/will go wrong. I can't wish nothing but the worst for you two. Now that's a HAiDER send off.

HAiDER out!

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