Wednesday, April 23, 2008


These two are probably the two most famous presidential candidates. If one of these two wins the election, they will be making history. Literally.

If Barack Obama wins, he'll be the first BLACK President. That is a big big big thing for this nation. Our nation. It's saying that "Hey! We ARE a nation of diversity." I guess.

If Hillary Clinton wins, she will be the first FEMALE President. That's also a big thing. I guess.

So "I guess" that really means these two are the duo that will change American minds.

But will it make a difference in how America handles it's foreign relations? No. If you enjoy conspiracy theories like myself than you know that the "President" really isn't in the drivers seat. The President is just the image of America that they publicly display to the world. Like how Ronald McDonald the clown is the face of the McDonald's restaurant chain, but the ones that run the show are behind closed doors.

Nothing will really change. Terrorists will still want to kill us. The war will never end, Bush buried us deep in this sh#t hole that we'll never get out it. Just like how he leaves all his business ventures, in chaos. The world will soon turn against us. Bush has soured relations left and right with his policies and ideas. I don't think he's listening to the real rulers of this nation. Bush is a little slow.

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