Thursday, April 24, 2008


Of course she's upset that the tabloids are spreading the story that she's fed up with being brainwashed and submitting to Tom's crazy rules. She's upset because she has a contract with Tom to be married for just a little under the 10 year mark. If rumors went around that she wasn't happy and she didn't deny them than Tom would get mad and she wouldn't get certain yearly incentives, outlined in the contract.

Am I certain there's a contract written? No, but I just love conspiracy theories. Besides, who in their right minds believe there was no arrangement to this hook up has got to be a gullible Christian/Catholic. She was a devote Christian/Catholic (I think it's one of those) but she throws all that away, converts to Scientology just to get with Tom Cruise? Knowing Christians and Catholics, it ain't that easy. If they are devote, they are pretty much grounded in the belief. It's hard to show them facts that contradict the bible.

I don't think they're on the splits anytime soon. Not for a few years anyways. When she's not so popular in the tabloids anymore and no one wants her in a movie than that's when you'll start to see hear her start to make negative comments about her marriage with Tom. Because I believe she signed the contract because she wants to desperately be a top rated celebrity and Tom is offering her that avenue. Just like what became of Nicole Kidman, due to the marriage with Tom.

It's just a theory...

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