Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Taxi to the Dark Side dives into the dark secrets of our government. While highlighting one incident out of many war crimes committed by OUR OWN government during George Bush's so called "War on Terror." Our governments eagerness to play dirty has left a bad taste in many mouths of us proud Americans.

Many of us refuse to believe that our government plays as dirty as the terrorists. When the truth is, we play dirtier. Al Queda terrorists kidnap people for ransom demands. Our government kidnaps Iraqi men on suspicion of being linked to terrorism.

Our soldiers are taught to think of Iraqi/middle eastern people as nothing but dogs. To not even consider them as human beings. The government is full of psychopathic killers in high ranking positions who value no ones lives, not even he's own people.

Now I'm a strong hater of tree hugging, peace loving hippies, but this is about the malicious treatment of fellow human beings. This is one of the reasons that our government can not be trusted. It's endless trail of lies and secrets only gains distrust for them by their own people.

Bush waged war on Al Queda terrorists for terrorizing our over rated city of NYC. Now we are terrorizing all of the middle east by kidnapping civilians, torturing them, interrogating them, and degrading them until they die. Who are the terrorists now? Wake up and see the image OUR government has burned into the minds of young middle eastern kids. We now have to teach our children to be aware of the future for those middle eastern kids will seek their revenge. And everyone will remember how George W. Bush single handily destroyed our once great nation. (much like how he ruined all his previous businesses).

Bin Laden isn't the most dangerous terrorists, it's George W. Bush. Also known as the anti-Christ by some.

I have actually yet to see the movie but will do so once it is released on DVD.

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