Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yep, that's Clay Aiken. Doesn't he look freaky? Very Liberace or Siegfried and Roy'ish. Hmm, what do Liberace, Siegfried and Roy have in common with Clay? They're all gay! The only difference is that Clay still won't come out of the closet. Rumor has it it's because of his super religious mom. He doesn't want to break her heart. Live your life man/woman, don't live a lie!

Anyhow wow what happened to him right? He used to look like a hip young gay guy, but now he looks like a Las Vegas flop.

I think he's a very evil guy, that his smiles and good nature is nothing more than a mask that hides the devils face. There's just something about him, he's got to many hidden agendas. Besides he won't come out of the closet so that says a lot about him.


  1. ummm. you do realise that he's wearing heavy stage make up. a wig and he's in costume in that picture right? that's s pic of him on Broadway. not what he looks like now right?

  2. anon you must be a CLAY-MATE HAHAHA In make-up or w/o, he still looks like a F-R-E-A-K