Friday, April 18, 2008


Either the pappazo's got used to snapping at Paris at just the right time or is Paris as dumb as she looks. I think she's dumber than dumb and dumber. I mean as I was looking for funny pictures of Paris to blog about, upskirt aka money shots of Paris kept popping up. I did some clicking and found that out of all the celebrities she has the most money shots, with Britney coming in a close behind her.

That just not good for her image. It says she's easy. Basically a slut. She's purposely wearing clothing that will allow others to see the goods. She thinks it makes her look sexy wearing these skimpy clothes, but in reality it's making her look like the slut people already see her as. She always claims that her bimboness is all an act. But she's yet to prove that. Nicole Ritchie is more sophisticated that she is and doesn't seem as air headed. Now if she said her bimboness was an act, she would be a lot more believable than Queen of the upskirts, Paris.

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