Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Jemele Hill is a columnist for The other day she was filling in for Jim Rome on ESPN's Rome is Burning. She made this off hand remark about Chargers All-Pro linebacker Shawne Merriman's Mercedez Benez being stolen and set on fire:

"The All-Pro linebacker got his $180,000 Mercedes stolen this week. The good news: The police found it. The bad news: The police found it sitting on milk crates with no wheels and completely torched. 'Lights Out' got his ride lit up.

There are no reports to back this up, but I'm betting – and by betting I mean hoping – that whoever set that Benz ablaze busted out in that ridiculous sack dance just as the flames were starting to run rampant over the upholstery.

Karma is responsible for this. Merriman got his sled ripped and barbecued because he can't make a play without making a fool of himself, and people just aren't feeling it.

This is the same guy who accused Titans coach and classy guy Jeff Fisher of calling in a Code Red on him last year. Did Coach Fisher incinerate his Mercedes, too? It's worth looking into.

Sorry about your ride, Shawne, but not really. If you keep calling attention to yourself, you're gonna get it, and not always from the right people. Take my advice: This fall, shelf the dance, shut your mouth, and I'll bet your cars won't be set on fire nearly as often."

Whoa, Hill acting like the big woman on campus. Someone getting that ego trip huh? Filling in as host is empowering isn't it Hill? Getting brave...let me see you say all that in front of Merriman's face. Knowing that the Benz was his prize possession. She wouldn't say a word.

"Can't make a play without making a fool of himself" Kinda like can't fill-in as a host without making a fool of herself. My advice to you Hill, stick to your day job, shelf the comedy act, shut your mouth, keep columns, and maybe we'll all forget you filled in for Jim Rome.

Sorry you're just a fill in, not really because really you don't have the look f0r TV 0r radio for that matter. Let's just hope you don't car jacked one of these days, where your car gets stolen, but on crates, wheels missing and set a blaze...with you still in the trunk. Karma will be responsible for that.

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