Monday, April 21, 2008


Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil. If he has a degree in psychology than why has his professional ethics gone out the door? He's so into himself and this fame that he's gotten from Oprah that's he's forgotten the ethic code of doctors. He barged into the hospital to see Britney Spears and talked about her condition to the world. Where's the doctor-patient confidentiality? But I guess having your own show changes that huh? He thinks he has the right to publicly share his patients conditions with the nation, if it gets better ratings. He tells people to "get real" when in reality he needs to "get real".

His latest antics involves one of the suspects of the now infamous video taped beating of 16 year old Victoria Lindsay. One of his producers or someone on his staff bailed out the ring leader of the beating, Mercedes Nichols. In return she agreed to be interviewed on Dr. Phil's talk show. The question is what dumba$$ judge allowed the bail to be processed when there's a strict gag order on the case. Nichols wouldn't have been able to appear on the show anyhow, because she's not allowed to say anything about the case. know what. He really doesn't deserve to be called Dr. Let's just call him Phil. Phil is one of the sleaziest slugs out there. These teens, all eight of them involved in the beating of Lindsay are going to get what they deserve. Life in prison. It's reported that when first arrested the eight joked and laughed about how they weren't going to be able to go to the beach now. They all thought it would just be a slap on the wrist for beating up Lindsay. Now Lindsay will get the last laugh, because they're all being tried as adults. And facing life sentences. She'll be able to pick up the pieces and try to recover from her injuries in the free world, when her peers grow up behind bars and their freedom limited to an hour a day in the court yard.

I hope Phil gets his act straight or he's going to be looking at a cancelled show. Why it's still on anyways? Your guess is as good as mine.

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