Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well we're back to these two ladies. Reports the other week went blazing out that the two actually got engaged because? The typical reason why celebrities decide to tie the knot. They're preggys! Which exactly is going to give birth is still up for debate. My money is on the pretty one. Pete.
The rumors flared up because it's reported that good old Papa Joe was trying to sell to the tabloids in advance the rights to take the first pictures of Ashley's baby. Suggesting that the two are pregnant.

Ex-minister turned Hollywood sleaze ball manager. What would his old ministry think of him now? I swear if Jessica wasn't successful, he'd probably try to pimp her out to horny old men. Tell her that they were music execs willing to back you...only if you let them hit it from the back first. She's dumb enough to fall for it, right? I wouldn't put it past Papa Joe.

Anyways these two ladies have yet to confirm that they are pregnant. They probably won't admit to it until she's as big as a Carnival Cruise Ship.

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