Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I don't know about you but, I'm not just going to excuse all her antics on mental illness. Clearly she has some mental issues, but was it really there all along? Or had her reckless lifestyle caused her to just snap? I think so. I mean if anything it's her abuse of her body that caused her to loose her grip on reality.

I can't and won't feel sorry for her because she has all these great opportunities to be successful (aside from the fact that she's not that talented in anything) and live a great life, but she's done nothing but find ways to throw it all away.

I mean her Mickey Mouse Club peers Christina Aguilerra and Justin Timberlake have managed to maintain stable successful careers at the same level of popularity and fame as she, without losing their minds. Is she just that much more weak minded than her peers? Apparently. So go ahead and feel sorry for her, give her that love and support that she needs from a fans stand point. She'll appreciate it, and forget that she flicked off her fans in south America a few years back, she is living with a mental illness.

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