Friday, April 4, 2008


This is just an astonishing image of the two greatest black men in the history of America. It's just breathe taking is it not? I mean that is the great King himself on the left, Mr. Martin Luther King and the most influential black man of all time to the right, Malcom X.

Both so influential and so passionate about their beliefs. They were destined to change the world, but instead the two shared the same fate...assassination.

King is believed to have been killed by the Government we live under, just years after the same Government had JFK assassinated. X was killed by his own people. The very people he fought for, the Nation of Islam.

Imagine what the world would be like today if these two were still alive. America would most certainly be a very different place. Two great leaders would have shaped America into a nation of diversity. Instead we've got to simpletons by the names of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton speaking on behave of the black people. Two knuckle heads that, when given the chance throw the race card out. What a shame isn't it?

Alas the greed of our "Great Nation" has robbed us of great people, difference makers. JFK, MLK, X, who's next? Makes me wonder if the bad guys have been winning this whole time.

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