Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Who the heck knows why Tila Nguyen changed her name to Tila Tequila. I guess she's ashamed that she's Asian and has the most common Vietnamese last name, comparable to white peoples "Smith." She is a white washed little Asian girl.

I just can't find her attractive. I mean she's got a nice little body. Nice rack and nice rear. But that alien head just gets you turned off. Her head is definitely to big for her small frame. She's got to gain some weight to get her a little more proportional to her head. That thing is a lollipop. She looks like a freakin' lollipop head.

She's a desperate reality show fame seeker too. I think she'll do anything to be really famous. A former import model trying to make it to the Hollywood lights and thanks to MTV she's got some sort of outlet.

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