Thursday, April 3, 2008


I really don't understand what the big hype is with this guy, Emeril. He's been in the cooking scene for awhile but I just never really fell for this guys gimmick. I even enjoy watching Mr. Self Centered himself Bobby Flay more than I do Emeril. Both are about the same but Flay is a little more tolerable to watch. To me Emeril fakes the funk. What I mean by that is, when you first see Emeril, you're thinking he's Italian right? Cause he's got that whole mobster wiseguy type persona he's pushing out. Now that would be fine if he were actually Italian. But he's not. He's Canadian/Portuguese.

Aside from that he's just plain annoying. He's not really trying to teach you how to cook the meal he's cooking. He'll ramble about the ingredients and not tell you key steps in making the meal. It's all about the entertainment value with him. He's to diva'ish. I mean he's got a freakin' band playing next to his cooking station. Just watching him in his kitchen it just seems like he thinks he's to good for all of it. Like he is bigger than cooking or the Food's no wonder why they didn't want to renew his contract. His head was probably getting to big for their tastes.

I dunno what else to say, this guy just rubs me the wrong way. Just like Dr. Phil. I'd put them on the same level. First Class piece of shit pricks. Is that mean to say? I hope so.

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